Automate your bookkeeping!

Automatically capture data from invoices, bills & receipts
and send it straight to Xero, Sage One or QuickBooks

Eliminate data entry

Datamolino works great with your cloud accounting system:

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Why choose Datamolino?

  • Invoice descriptions

    There is more to invoices than numbers! Datamolino captures invoice descriptions!

  • Purchases & Sales

    Datamolino helps you to process sales invoices as well as purchase invoices of your clients.

  • Batch scanning

    Don’t waste time by scanning invoices one by one. Datamolino can handle multiple invoices in one PDF file!

  • Line items

    Need more than the Total? Line item extraction is possible on our Advanced user plans.

  • Multiple users and clients

    All your client folders on one dashboard. Easily share folders with your colleagues or clients.

  • Fair pricing

    No additional fees for user or clients. Pay only for the documents that you need to process!

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Your invoice processing can be as easy as 1-2-3:

Submit bills and receipts
to Datamolino

We find important data
on your bills and receipts

Import data from bills
to your accounting software

automatic data capture

Automated invoice processing system

Data entry without the pain of manual retyping. Let Datamolino handle data entry of your bills, invoices and receipts. We capture key information from your documents and send the data to your accounting system. This is the first add-on to your cloud accounting that you need to activate!

Process purchase bills and receipts faster

Have all your bills, invoices and receipts in one place. All you need to do is upload your invoices and Datamolino automatically organizes them in a searchable archive. Save hours on handling bills and receipts.

Collaborate with your colleagues and clients

We impose no limits on number of clients or users per account. Collect your client’s documents in Datamolino folders. Gain full visibility of their invoices and comment on files that need attention. This keeps everyone informed and speeds up invoice processing.

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