Convert Bank Statements into CSV

Easily convert PDF bank statements to Excel (XLS) or CSV file formats and export the data directly to Xero or QuickBooks Online or other ERP software that accepts CSV or Excel files.


Extract data from bank statements in 3 simple steps.

1. Upload bank statement

Simply upload your clients’ bank statements PDF to Datamolino using the web app or the mobile app.

2. Convert to XLS or CSV file

Datamolino converts your bank statements into actionable data by extracting each individual transaction.

3. Download or export your data

Export the generated XLS or CSV file directly into your accounting for bank reconciliation.

Save hours processing bank statements.

Datamolino’s advanced OCR technology, coupled with AI-based validation, ensures accurate bank statement extraction. You can import the data confidently into your bank feed.

You can use Datamolino for Bank Statement conversion as a stand-alone solution or in tandem with its other bookkeeping automation features.


Showcase: Convert bank statements to CSV and import into Xero


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Pricing – Bank Statements conversion


  • $0.65 per page with a commitment of $45/month
  • $0.60 per page with a commitment of  $120/month
  • $0.55 per page with a commitment of $250/month


  • £0.60 per page with a commitment of £39/month
  • £0.55 per page with a commitment of £135/month
  • £0.50 per page with a commitment of £250/month


  • 0.65€ per page with a commitment of 45€/month
  • 0.60€ per page with a commitment of  120€/month
  • 0.55€ per page with a commitment of 250€/month


  • A$0.95 per page with a commitment of A$75/month
  • A$0.90 per page with a commitment of  A$225/month
  • A$0.85 per page with a commitment of A$490/month

How to upload and process bank statements

Watch a quick demo video to see how Datamolino handles your bank statement conversion.

A complex solution to optimize your workflow.


Balance validation

Datamolino checks if the statement transactions add up to the Closing Balance on your statement.


Date validation

Datamolino checks if the transaction dates are within the range of the Start Date and End Date of the statement.


Error detection

Datamolino uses multiple layers of checks to look for errors in data.


Detailed data capture

Datamolino captures header and line item data, making it easy to check for missing items.


Use as a stand-alone or in a bundle

Our bank statement processing feature functions both as a stand-alone tool and as part of the entire Datamolino package.


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Frequently asked questions

Can I use Datamolino only for Bank Statements?

You can use Datamolino for the conversion of PDF bank statements into CSV. Your monthly spend will be used only for bank statements and you do not need to use the bills functionality.

What types of statements can Datamolino extract?

Datamolino can extract bank statements and credit card statements from scanned PDFs and convert them to a spreadsheet format.

How long does the extraction process take?

The extraction process typically takes up to 24 hours during business days and is faster for digital or native PDFs.

What kind of data can Datamolino capture from bank statements?

Datamolino captures both header and line item data from bank statements, allowing for easier data verification and identifying missing items.

How can I export my bank data from Datamolino?

You can export data in various ways: individually, merged into a consolidated file, or as a filtered portion of a single statement. Datamolino generates a CSV file that you can work with in Excel or import directly into Xero or QuickBooks.

How does Datamolino ensure the accuracy of extracted data?

Datamolino utilizes advanced OCR technology combined with AI-based validation. The system also checks statement transactions against the Closing Balance, verifies transaction dates against the Start and End Date of the statement, and uses multiple layers of checks to identify errors.

Is there a trial period to test bank statements in Datamolino?

Yes, you can enjoy a 14-day free trial of Datamolino with all functionalities included, and no credit card information necessary. Please note that during the trial period, there is a limit of 5 bank statement files.


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