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We offer fair volume-based pricing.
You pay only for the documents that you process.
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Do you need line items?

  • 150 documents/month

    Small businesses & freelance bookkeepers

    0 /month + 0 per additional document
  • 500 documents/month

    Mid-sized businesses & bookkeeping firms

    0 /month + 0 per additional document
  • 1500 documents/month

    Large companies & accounting firms

    0 /month + 0 per additional document
  • 2500 documents/month

    Large accounting firms & corporations

    0 /month + 0 per additional document

All plans include

5 star email, chat & phone support

  • Key data capture incl. invoice description
  • Advanced automation rules
  • Unlimited users
  • Unlimited folders
  • Optional automatic split detection (for extra fee of only 2 cents per document)
  • Free 14-day trial

Choosing right plan for you


Are you an accounting company?

Choose a plan based on how many documents you process for all your clients in total per month. There is no need to count clients or internal team members, as there is no limit on number of users under one subscription. Additionally, you can add as many folders for your clients as needed and directly connect them to Xero or QuickBooks.

Are you a business owner?

Simply pick a plan according to the volume of documents you process on monthly basis. If you need to track your transactions per location, branch or department, create multiple folders for each at no extra cost. Do you manage multiple companies? Easy, you can have them all under one subscription.


Partner program

Do you work with more than 5000 documents/month?
Do you have any special requirements?

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What happens when I go over the limit of my user plan?

Choose a plan that covers your monthly transactions minimum. When you go over the limit of your user plan, we will charge you a small fee for each additional processed document. This way, you are charged for the exact amount of transactions that you process.

What types of payment you accept?

Our recommended payment method is direct debit as it is a secure and straightforward way for recurring monthly payments. We work with global account-to-account provider GoCardless.

We also accept credit and debit cards (MasterCard, Visa). We never store your credit card details on any of our systems. Every transaction is processed using Braintree – a secure payment gateway.

Can I change my plan at a later time?

Yes! You can upgrade or reduce your plan at any time. Datamolino is a post-paid service. If you upgrade, the change will go into effect immediately. If you downgrade, the change will take effect after your current billing cycle.

What is a folder?

You can organise your documents in folders. Most users prefer to have a folder for each company or client they manage. You can also create folder for each company department, or have one business and one personal folder.

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