Datamolino for accountants and bookkeepers

Datamolino was created with accountants in mind to help them save time by automating data entry and repetitive tasks.

How does it work?

With Datamolino, you can easily collect documents from your clients. Invoices and receipts can be collected continuously without the risk of being misplaced.

Your clients can upload their scanned and digital invoices via our web app, take a picture of their receipts using our mobile app or forward supplier emails directly to their folder. After the documents are imported, let Datamolino take care of automated data extraction and invoice coding. You can then export captured data to your cloud accounting or have Datamolino do it automatically for you.

Features accountants appreciate

Automatic split of PDF documents

Scan all invoices in one batch, let Datamolino OCR process split them into individual transactions.

Unlimited users & clients

Have all your clients under one account at no extra cost to see the state of your paperwork in one place.

Duplicate detection

Let Datamolino OCR automatically identify document duplicates.

Line items capture

Datamolino captures invoice description and every line of data from your clients invoices.

Human in the loop

Datamolino combines automated data entry with human touch to ensure high data quality in OCR results.

Automation rules

Set up smart automation rules for your clients and their suppliers with multiple locations, branches or departments.


What can Datamolino do for you?

✓ Improve document collection from your clients
✓ Eliminate unnecessary data entry
✓ Automate invoice coding and categorisation

Streamline your processes to free up time of your teams

Our automated data entry solution will help you automate the bookkeeping process including document collection, data entry, invoice coding and exporting to Xero or QuickBooks Online cloud accounting. This means less time spent on repetitive tasks and more time and capacity for value added activities like clients relations and business advisory.

Gain overview of all your paperwork in one place

Datamolino offers a clear structure for your client accounts by creating folders to track their financials individually, yet at the same time providing visibility of all outstanding paperwork in one place for your team. For clients with multiple locations, company branches or projects, you can set unique automation rules which reduces the time spent on invoice coding and data entry. Plus the auto-export feature is available for additional time-savings.

Collaborate efficiently

With simple approval structure, folder notes and other features your teams can easily collaborate on clients’ accounts. Whether you want to use Datamolino as an in-house tool to increase your teams’ efficiency or allow clients to access the platform, Datamolino enables easy multi-user access. You can invite users to folders on a need to have basis with access to data relevant only to them. It allows you and your users to connect from anywhere – nothing to install, updates are released automatically and no backups or maintenance is needed from your end.

What accountants think of Datamolino?
  • Datamolino

    5“We love it! we now have around 5,000 documents per month running through the system and we couldn't do what we do without it! Couldn't recommend Datamolino highly enough - and especially Lubica who looks after our account and queries amazingly - always an instant response and solution. Thank you.”

  • Datamolino

    5“Datamolino is an invoice processing Software that we use for all of our clients. We process a very high volume of invoices daily and this makes us so much more efficient as it recognises invoice formats and creates automated templates so you do no have to manually enter the generic invoice information (invoice numbers/dates etc)! When it comes to getting support, they have a live chat function available throughout the day so you can ask for help with anything and you will always get an answer within minutes!”

  • Datamolino

    5“Cracking application! Datamolino has allowed me to go paperless across multiple companies and process multi currency invoices in a much more efficient way, the year end audit will now be a breeze with all invoices attached and posted correctly. Plus the processing of invoices gets quicker and quicker. The line item function works really well even with large data invoices, the support team have been brilliant and quick in fixing any teething issues we've had! I've integrated Datamolino with ApprovalMax so now have a seamless paperless process from beginning to end which is fully ready for the audits! Can't recommend it enough!”

  • Datamolino

    5“The support is excellent. All my questions were answered, and it was very easy to communicate. As for the product, the OCR is excellent and picks up the data very well. ”

  • Datamolino

    5“Time saver. Simple to use and saves a lot of time manually processing invoices. Support team are really helpful and any issues they take on board and make changes to the system to make things easier. Couldn’t recommend enough and well worth using. ”

  • Datamolino

    5“Fantastic Service and Brilliant Application. We use Datamolino for all of our clients and find the application and service unbeatable. The customer service and support team are always on hand to help, should you need them but most of the time everything works perfectly. ”

  • Datamolino

    5“Easy to use and extremely helpful. Using Datamolino has saved me so much time! It is user friendly, more so than the other like apps I have used, Receipt bank / Dext or Hubdoc. Great customer support too.”

  • Datamolino

    5“Much more robust than Hubdoc. A lot of improvements and flexibilities gained since we've moved to Datamolino. And yes, agree, the customer supports are excellent and not pushy.”

Fair pricing

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Add as many users and folders as you need at no extra cost.

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