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Xero Roadshow 2018

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Datamolino will participate on the Xero Roadshow Asia 2018, Xero Roadshow United Kingdom 2018 and Xero Roadshow Australia (select cities).

We are getting on the plane, bus & train to participate on the Xero Roadshow. Alongside the great guys from Xero, you can also meet our team from Datamolino. This is a great opportunity to learn all about new developments in the cloud accounting space and find out about best practices when it comes to Bookkeeping Automation using automated data capture and OCR. Datamolino is a Xero HQ app and we are really looking forward to meet all the roadshow participants.


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120 reviews on the Xero marketplace!

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About a year ago, we have celebrated our first 50 reviews on the Xero marketplace. It took us 2 years to get to 50 reviews. Now, just before Christmas, we are celebrating 120 reviews! It is probably the best Christmas present for the support team that is in daily contact with our users. The kind words from our customers are really rewarding and keep us motivated to give our best.

Xero users, thank you very much for the kind words!

This year has been really great for Datamolino. We have been included in the launch of Xero HQ, which is the biggest new feature of Xero for the past 10 years. Out of over 500 ecosystem partners, Datamolino is one of the 10 app partners that were invited to be part of the Xero HQ launch.

You may have met our team at Xerocon London 2017. It was great to meet many of our existing clients. That is our favourite part of Xerocon each year. There was a lot of traffic on our stand this year which felt great. We had many great conversations with Xero users that are just now discovering the power of the Xero add-ons (connected apps).

The Datamolino team is also participating on most of the Xero Roadshows. We get a lot of great advice from clients and it helps us to improve the product for Xero users. We are always amazed by how many people came to say Hi and introduce Datamolino to their friends and colleagues.

So what are our clients saying?
  • The customer support is great. This is a big difference to most other software products.
  • Invoice descriptions and line item details are a plus.
  • The pricing structure is fair and makes a lot of sense to firms that need to onboard all of their clients.
  • There are no charges “per client” or “per user”.
  • Phone support and chat support. Picking up the phone is a fast way to sort out any issue.
  • Training of users is included in the price. The team always ensures that you get the most out of Datamolino.

You can read all the reviews on the Xero Marketplace [click]


Here are some of our favourite reviews:


I update the bookkeeping for a number of clients; some of which use Datamolino and some use ReceiptBank. Once the ‘fingerprinting’ has been done for a particular document style Datamolino is much faster at processing invoices ready for you to review and export to Xero. I find the data extraction of invoice details to be more accurate in Datamolino. I also prefer their line item function and the Xero contact list integration also seems to be easier to update.

– Louise Russell


Great Tool For The Busy Office! The flexibility of package (I now have a mix of detail and summary capture invoices) is really great and it’s simple and easy to use but when you’re stuck on something help is easy to get.

– Laura Smith


Great Service. I use two data extraction services and this is my preferred. I especially love the Line Extraction. Best on the market. The Customer Support is top notch. Something you will really appreciate since Xero support is terrible. Data Extraction still has a really Long way to go for full automation and integration but Datamolino is in my opinion leading the way and saves a lot of time.

– Gary Coughlan


Best option for us and we did a lot of research before committing. We use it with all of our clients now. Staff are the best asset … very helpful and regularly check to make sure all is going well. They even speak on the phone … something a lot of software companies no longer do (although the live chat feature sorts out most questions). You feel like a real valued client rather than someone to bill each month.

Our clients love it as well … makes on boarding news clients much simpler.

– Darren Jones


Very impressed with Datamolino !! Easy to use, fast, reliable and accurate. A good pricing model means its cheap to use, and it can process sales invoices too. The support is probably the best I have come across with any Xero add-on.

– Sindu Nagatheepan


We previously used Receipt Bank, but we didn’t particularly warm to the staff there or their fee structure. The first thing we loved about Datamolino was the staff there, they are so enthusiastic and helpful, which is something very rare these days in any company it seems. As a comparative to Receipt Bank, often they did not even answer the phone and when they did they were nowhere as near helpful. Rufiz (from customer support) has spoken to me a number of times now and I am very pleased with him and Datamolino in general. I would recommend them to anyone, keep up the good work guys.

– Paul Harrison

Xero HQ + Datamolino

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Xero HQ is the hub for providing superior client services: get real-time visibility and insights across all of your clients, connect with a curated selection of third-party apps, and access the best tools.

Xero HQ and Datamolino
The Datamolino Xero HQ integration displays status updates about your client’s paperwork directly in your activity feed. You’ll be notified if documents are ready to be processed or if an export to Xero is long overdue. This allows you to speed up the whole bookkeeping process.


How do you sync with Xero HQ?
  1. In Datamolino, navigate to Account Settings.
  2. Select Connect to Xero HQ.
  3. Log in to Xero HQ, select your practice, then click Allow Access.

Please note: In Xero, you must be a “Practice Administrator” in order to initiate the connection between Xero HQ and Datamolino.


Activity Feed comes alive with Datamolino

 You do not need to leave the comfort of Xero to know if there are new client purchase invoices that you have deal with. Datamolino will push relevant notifications directly into your Xero HQ Activity Feed. If you have any questions about this new integration, please use our chat to ask our helpful support staff!

Datamolino alerts in Xero HQ

Xerocon London 2017

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This was the 4th Xerocon for our team. This Xerocon was special, we have launched our Xero HQ integration with Xero.


Datamolino was one of ten Xero HQ connected apps announced on this year’s Xerocon. It was great to see Datamolino up on the slides during the main Xero keynotes.


Even better, Rod Drury, the founder of Xero when talking about the Xero HQ apps called them “best of breed apps that Xero has hand picked to be part of the Xero HQ apps”. This puts us in a very good company to the apps like Spotlight, Fathom, Futrli, Hubdoc, Receipt Bank, Practice Ignition, Suite Files, BOMA and Expensify.


There are now over 600 apps published on the Xero App Marketplace. Datamolino is now among the TOP 10 that were hand-picked and included in the Xero HQ launch. Our customers love it!



What we like best about Xerocon? We get to talk in depth with many of our existing clients whom we previously seen only online. Many of them we meet every year at Xerocon. So it is a great way to re-connect.


Meet the team on our Xerocon London 2017 stand:



We even got a couple of messages on our famous Xerocon Wall of Fame!


During the keynote, we were surprised to hear that 1 in 5 accountants still uses paper ledgers. What?!


Our announcement of Xero HQ integration drew a big crowd to our demo stage. Andrej, our CEO, started an interactive session with the audience.


Andrej and his audience at Xerocon during our demo session.


Of course, we did not miss the Xerocon party!

Paperless end-to-end accounting process using Xero with Datamolino and ApprovalMax

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Nobody said building a business was going to be easy. But does it have to be so messy?

Internal operations – and in particular, the internal accounting and finance department – need to be able to grow efficiently and effectively to support new and expanding processes.

And these processes must be standardised; paperwork should be cut back; and everything should be streamlined and accountable.

In other words, you need to embrace a fully digital and automated accounting process. Read on, to find out how to add a seamless approval process to your current workflow.

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Happy New Year 2017

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The year 2016 has been great for Datamolino. We would like to thank all of our user for their continued support. Our team is always celebrating the user reviews thats we get. You can check them out over at the Xero App Store site.


We are looking forward to 2017!

50 reviews on the Xero marketplace!

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Xero users: Thank you for all the love!

We now have 50 reviews on the Xero marketplace.


This year has been really great for Datamolino. We have first launched Datamolino into the UK market in February 2015 at the Xerocon London. So today, we are only 22 months into our journey within the Xero ecosystem. In 2015, we managed to get the first 9 reviews! And in 2016 we have 41 reviews and counting! Big thanks to the users who supported us when we were just starting out! Those first users really made a difference for us.


We always enjoy having a chat with our clients. Over the last couple of weeks we have met many of you in person. This year we had the opportunity to meet at the Xerocon London in February, then at the Xerocon South in Brisbane, Australia in September. In October at the Bookkeepers Summit in London. And now in November during the Xero Roadshow in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Birmingham.  We were amazed by how many people came to say Hi and introduced Datamolino to their friends and colleagues.


So what are our clients saying?


  • Datamolino captures more data. This includes invoice descriptions and line items
  • The pricing structure is fair and makes a lot of sense to firms that need to onboard all of their clients.
  • There are no charges “per client” or “per user”.
  • The in-app chat is a great hit. It makes it easy to talk to our team and get help very fast.
  • Training of users is included in the price. The team always ensures that you get the most our of Datamolino.

You can read all the reviews on the Xero Marketplace [click].

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New technology can help optimise your business cash flow

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We understand managing your business’s cash flow isn’t just about forecasting, but other factors such as managing your accounts receivables so that your invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Since the financial crisis, lending conditions have become much stricter, which has created an opportunity for alternative financiers to enter the market. Many of these are investing significantly in their technology, to the benefit of SMEs, since the tools emerging are supporting SMEs in managing their cash flow in many ways.

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UK Xero Roadshow 2016

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A clear view of accounting’s future

Get a glimpse of your practice in 2020 and beyond as we preview the future of accounting. Join thought leaders from Xero and top local practices to explore product innovations, influential legislation, and research into the trends impacting accountancy.

Datamolino is joining the Roadshow in all cities. You can meet our team in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

More info:

Xerocon South 2016 photostory

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Entrance into Xerocon South – Brisbane 2016


Datamolino team is ready, even a day before the show starts 🙂


We caught up with Rod Drury fixing a skateboard.


Can you see Datamolino logo? Yes, we are on this slide!


Team photo with the founder of Xero – Rod Drury


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