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Datamolino is creating new ways to do business in 2022

Xero has the best curated ecosystem of apps for small businesses and we have always been proud to be part of it. That is why we are very happy to be featured in Xero selection of Five apps creating new ways to do business in 2022.

Datamolino is creating new ways to do business in 2022

As they point out in their blog post, rapid acceleration of digital transformation as a by-product of two year long pandemic has had direct effects on how businesses operate. Hybrid and remote working modes has become new norm for many, including us in Datamolino.

Are you thinking how to streamline your accounting-related processes in post-pandemic world? Here are three ideas how Datamolino can help.

1. Process your documents as you go

Upload your digital or scanned documents and let Datamolino process them as soon as you receive them. There are multiple ways making continuous upload to Datamolino easy. Import your scanned and digital invoices via our web app. Upload a picture of your receipts using our mobile app. Forward supplier emails directly to dedicated Datamolino folder.

You do not want to wait until end of the month only to realise batch of paper invoices lay on a desk in your office building or that you threw away receipt from a client dinner by mistake.

2. Find new ways how to cooperate with your colleagues and clients

Adapting old ways of doing things to digital environment can be tricky. This can be true especially if you try too hard to replicate your processes to exactly what they were in physical world. Have open mind! You might be surprised how often we keep on doing things certain way only because of a routine.

Did your colleagues use to collect all the invoices for you to process in a folder on a shared drive? Invite them to your Datamolino folder. They can upload documents directly to the system saving a step in the process.

Does your manager need to sign off documents before you import them to your cloud accounting? Turn on approval structure in your Datamolino folder. That way they can easily identify documents to review and approve them in same interface you will export approved documents from.

3. Automate where possible

With available capabilities, there is barely a good reason not to automate your processes any more. New times bring new challenges. You want to save your capacity to address those instead of wasting it on manual repetitive tasks.

When exporting to Xero, Datamolino remembers your coding settings for your supplier such as ledger account or tax code. Additionally, you can turn on auto export on for any of your supplier’s invoices. This means Datamolino will extract the data, code your invoice and export it to Xero automatically. All that without any manual input needed from you.

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