Seamless approval for your Xero online accounting

Paperless end-to-end accounting process using Xero with Datamolino and ApprovalMax

Nobody said building a business was going to be easy. But does it have to be so messy?

Internal operations – and in particular, the internal accounting and finance department – need to be able to grow efficiently and effectively to support new and expanding processes.

And these processes must be standardised; paperwork should be cut back; and everything should be streamlined and accountable.

In other words, you need to embrace a fully digital and automated accounting process. Read on, to find out how to add a seamless approval process to your current workflow.

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Happy New Year 2017

The year 2016 has been great for Datamolino. We would like to thank all of our user for their continued support. Our team is always celebrating the user reviews thats we get. You can check them out over at the Xero App Store site.


We are looking forward to 2017!

user reviews

50 reviews on the Xero marketplace!


Xero users: Thank you for all the love!

We now have 50 reviews on the Xero marketplace.


This year has been really great for Datamolino. We have first launched Datamolino into the UK market in February 2015 at the Xerocon London. So today, we are only 22 months into our journey within the Xero ecosystem. In 2015, we managed to get the first 9 reviews! And in 2016 we have 41 reviews and counting! Big thanks to the users who supported us when we were just starting out! Those first users really made a difference for us.


We always enjoy having a chat with our clients. Over the last couple of weeks we have met many of you in person. This year we had the opportunity to meet at the Xerocon London in February, then at the Xerocon South in Brisbane, Australia in September. In October at the Bookkeepers Summit in London. And now in November during the Xero Roadshow in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Birmingham.  We were amazed by how many people came to say Hi and introduced Datamolino to their friends and colleagues.


So what are our clients saying?


  • Datamolino captures more data. This includes invoice descriptions and line items
  • The pricing structure is fair and makes a lot of sense to firms that need to onboard all of their clients.
  • There are no charges “per client” or “per user”.
  • The in-app chat is a great hit. It makes it easy to talk to our team and get help very fast.
  • Training of users is included in the price. The team always ensures that you get the most our of Datamolino.

You can read all the reviews on the Xero Marketplace [click].

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New technology can help optimise your business cash flow

We understand managing your business’s cash flow isn’t just about forecasting, but other factors such as managing your accounts receivables so that your invoices are paid in a timely manner.

Since the financial crisis, lending conditions have become much stricter, which has created an opportunity for alternative financiers to enter the market. Many of these are investing significantly in their technology, to the benefit of SMEs, since the tools emerging are supporting SMEs in managing their cash flow in many ways.

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UK Xero Roadshow 2016

A clear view of accounting’s future

Get a glimpse of your practice in 2020 and beyond as we preview the future of accounting. Join thought leaders from Xero and top local practices to explore product innovations, influential legislation, and research into the trends impacting accountancy.

Datamolino is joining the Roadshow in all cities. You can meet our team in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Birmingham.

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