AutoEntry vs. Hubdoc vs. Dext vs. Datamolino

One of the most time-consuming aspects of accounting & bookkeeping is entering purchase invoices and receipts. You might not initially think of automating this activity, but it can seriously waste time and result in human error. For Xero and QuickBooks Online, the leading providers of automated data entry and OCR are AutoEntry, Hubdoc, Dext Prepare and Datamolino.


Designed for small to midsize businesses, it is an automated data entry platform that streamlines the process of bookkeeping and accounting. AutoEntry automatically extracts data from the invoices and automatically syncs it with accounting software. The most useful feature of AutoEntry is bank statement processing. AutoEntry has been recently acquired by Sage.

AutoEntry doesn’t require a full subscription, you purchase credits and depending on what type of documents you submit for processing the credits are used. In this way you pay for what you use. The pricing starts as follows: 1 invoice costs 0,27 EUR (1 credit), processing 1 invoice with line items costs 0,54 EUR (2 credits) and processing 1 page of a bank statement costs 0,81 EUR (3 credits). The price goes down with higher volumes, where 1 credit can cost 0,186 EUR if you purchase 2500 credits worth 465 EUR upfront.

Dext Prepare

Dext is a pre-accounting software for businesses and accountants that makes it easier to collect and enter important data. With Dext, you can send expense reports and business expenses in one simple click, and all of the data will be automatically categorized and safely stored.

It seems that for accountants and bookkeepers Dext is priced “per 10 organisations”. You have to purchase a bundle of 10 organisation licenses as your usage grows. It is best to talk to Dext sales representatives to get the current pricing, because the pricing for Dext Prepare for accountants is not publicly available.


Hubdoc is an Xero product that extracts data from your receipts & bills. It recognises data very fast with adequate data quality. It is not as feature packed as Dext Prepare but it is the most economical solution for Xero users which do not have too many documents to process. It is a great place to start if you have basic data capture needs.

Hubdoc is included for free with most Xero subscriptions. For other users it costs 12 USD per company.


Datamolino integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, collects documents, and automates entries just like the other tools on this list. It excels in simplicity and focus on the automated data entry of invoices and receipts. It can extract data with line item level information for both purchases and sales invoices. The biggest difference to other tools and unique to Datamolino is the ability to create different automation scenarios for companies managing different locations, projects or departments. This is possible thanks to the ability to create multiple folders for one company.

Datamolino uses a volume based pricing model. You pay for your actual usage.  Please review the pricing details on our pricing page.