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How Datamolino works

Datamolino automates data entry and invoice processing in 3 easy steps.
1. Easy import of your documents

Upload your scanned and digital documents to Datamolino via web app, snap a picture of your receipts in our mobile app or have your suppliers email invoices straight to your Datamolino folder inbox.

2. Automatic data capture and invoice coding

Datamolino takes care of extracting all the important data from your documents as well as automated invoice coding - freeing you from manual repetitive tasks.

3. Export of data to your accounting

Now that your document is processed, captured data can be seamlessly exported from Datamolino to your cloud accounting, be it Xero or QuickBooks.

Our user-friendly dashboard allows you to easily check status of all your documents.


Data capture features

Invoice description

Datamolino not only captures header and footer invoice data, it extracts invoice description as well.

Line items capture

Datamolino captures every line of data from your invoices and allows you to export inventory items to your accounting.

Automated invoice coding

Datamolino remembers your preferences for categorising and coding your invoices and learns them over time.

Reads various languages

Do you need to process documents in other than English language? No problem! Datamolino supports all languages using Latin script.

Made for multicurrency

Datamolino automatically captures any world currency printed on the invoice. You can also set a default currency for each of your suppliers.

Support for sales invoices

If you need to process not only bills and receipts, but also your sales invoices, look no further. Each folder contains a Sales subfolder allowing you to process these as well.

Automating document processing

Smart automation rules

Set up automation rules for your business or clients with multiple locations, branches or departments.

Automatic split

You can scan and send multiple invoices in one file and Datamolino will split it automatically for you.

Duplicates detection

Datamolino flags duplicates in case you upload same document multiple times.

Team collaboration made easy

Unlimited users & folders

You can add as many users and folders to your account as you need at no extra cost.

Cross-platform import

Import invoices to Datamolino via our web app, email or mobile app when you are on the go.

Approval workflow

Approve purchase bills before you export them to your accounting software.


Datamolino was created to help accountants save time

Datamolino can help you and your accounting practice significantly reduce time on manual data entry tasks.

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Nobody started a business to do paperwork

With Datamolino it is easy to collect all documents and share them with your bookkeeper so you can focus on your business.

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What will you gain by using Datamolino?

Cloud archive for your documents

Your Accounts Payable documents will be securely stored and easily accessible in one central cloud archive.

Advanced data capture tool

We combine OCR data capture with human in the loop and AI with machine learning to bring you best results possible.

Excellent customer support

If you face any problem, our five-star support team is there to assist you via chat, email or phone. We are here to help you.

Fair pricing

Pay only for the number of documents that you process.
Add as many users and folders as you need at no extra cost.

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