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Automate your bookkeeping with QuickBooks.

Automate data entry and processing of your financial documents with Datamolino integrated seamlessly into your QuickBooks Online workflow. Easier bookkeeping, easier life.

Automate your bookkeeping with QuickBooks

QuickBooks keeps your accounts organised in the cloud.

QuickBooks Online by Intuit is a complex cloud accounting software for accountants and small to medium businesses alike. Run your business in the cloud, when and where you need it.

How Datamolino works
 with QuickBooks Online

1. Connecting

Create a new folder in Datamolino and link it to your QuickBooks Online organisation. The initial connection of your Datamolino folder takes less than a minute.

2. Data capture

Datamolino automatically extracts data from your invoices and receipts. Use Ledger Codes, Tax Codes and other tracking categories to code your bills.

3. Automation & Exporting

Once exported, your captured data will be stored in QuickBooks Online, along with the original file attached. All without the hassle of manually creating your transactions!

Features users of QuickBooks Online appreciate


Automatic data capture & coding of your transactions

Reduce time on manual data entry or categorisation of your invoices, receipts and bank statements. Datamolino does it all automatically.


Intelligent pairing

Datamolino remembers pairing of supplier name captured from the document with your contact in QuickBooks Online along with invoice coding preferences.


Unlimited folders

Organise your documents into as many folders as you need and benefit from automated coding suggestions unique for each folder.


Support for expense and sales documents

Datamolino processes both your purchase and sales documents and lets you export them to either Expenses or Sales in QuickBooks Online.

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What our customers say on the QuickBooks App Store

“Datamolino has helped our team immensely. Not only we no longer have to mess around with printing invoices out but it has saved us tons of time which we now use to focus on other tasks.”
M9 Group
“Great product & excellent customer service. We were never in the dark. Invoice automation was super quick & exports to QuickBooks Online were done in an instant. Very impressed with Datamolino.”
Emerald Accountants Ltd
“We love using Datamolino and have done for nearly 2 years now. It’s a great bit of software with amazing support that just gets better and better as they improve it. Couldn’t recommend it enough.”
“Looking for an app that automates the import of both incoming and outgoing invoices? Look no further!!! Datamolino is a must for all QuickBooks Online users.”
“Now THAT is real top-notch customer service which is greatly missing these days globally. Any and every time, this company has been responsive when we have had the need, and for that they get a solid 5+ stars from me!”
WesOFC, United States

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