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Perfect your accounts payable process with a combination of automated data capture and human input.

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Powerful API to automate your accounts payable process

Our invoice OCR data extraction API does wonders at firms that handle large numbers of invoices every day. The API is easy to implement, cost effective, and adaptable to the scale of your business operations.

Made specifically for bills and invoices

Instead of covering a dozen OCR use cases, our API focuses on just one. Accurate Accounts Payable invoices data capture.

Automated data capture with real-human input

To get you the best possible results we combine the best of both worlds: automation and real humans where required. This means we maintain the data capture engine so you do not have to.

Help is always a phone call away

Developer support is just the start. We are happy to share our experience with creating best in class data capture projects.

Frequently asked questions

  • What data can be captured using Datamolino API?
    We capture header / footer invoice data:
    - Invoice number
    - Supplier name
    - Supplier VAT ID
    - Issue date
    - Due date
    - Currency
    - NET, TAX and TOTAL of the Invoice
    - Line items with full line item details (where possible)

    Additional data fields:
    Upon agreement, we can capture many more data points, such as Order ID, Shipping cost, Rounding, Discounts and others. Full list of fields can be found in API documentation.
  • How are you different to AI based providers?
    Our process includes a human in the loop. Our team is responsible for teaching the system to automate your invoices and to validate results. It is in our best interest to automate as much as possible.

    A typical AI provider shows you the AI results and asks your team to validate the data in order to improve the results sometimes in the future (typically after a team of data scientists re-train the AI model). With the promise of future automation your employees teach the AI to read the invoices.

    Datamolino automates on your behalf. Where automation is not possible our team fills in the blanks to make sure you get data capture results.
  • Can you split multipage scans into individual invoices?
    Datamolino can automatically detect invoices in a batch scan. You can scan multi-page invoices and single page invoices together and Datamolino will intelligently split these into individual transactions. (Most of our competitors are not able to do this and you need to scan multi-page invoices as individual scans)
  • How does your OCR technology work?
    We use machine learning and template based approaches depending on the use case. Datamolino also includes a team of human operators that step in where automation fails. Our top priority are high quality data capture results. That is why we combine multiple approaches to get the job done.
  • How does the pricing work?
    Most of our API integrations have a custom processing pipeline that captures the data based on client requirements. For custom pipelines there is a setup fee that depends on the complexity of your project. The pricing depends on how many data points you need to extract and validate. We expect the volume to be at least 1000 invoices per month for most projects.
  • Why should I choose Datamolino API over other API based solutions?
    With Datamolino you get the unique combination of automation and human validation where required. So while other API providers may give you basic results, it is still up to your team to review and validate the data and feed the machine learning with your annotations. In Datamolino we employ a dedicated team that does all of this for you. We make sure everything is automated and it stays automated. You just upload invoices and bills and the API delivers high quality data.
  • Does this OCR API also process cash receipts?
    Yes, Datamolino API can also process your cash receipts. We are focusing our data capture on invoices and receipts. When processing a receipt, the only requirement is that there is one receipt on one page. Currently the API cannot give instant results on receipts. For most clients this is not a problem and they can utilise our OCR API for their receipt capture.

Managers appreciate our seamless onboarding and reliability

Your developers just plug in the Datamolino API, and you’re ready to automate your accounts payable process. On top of that, we’re always just an email or a phone call away, ready to provide you with the support you need.



Developers can start instantly with our comprehensive API documentation

To fast-forward your accounts payable automation, we’ll share our experience with integrating the API at companies like yours. The API also comes with a rich documentation, so your developers always have something to turn to.


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“Accounts payable was a huge bottleneck in our otherwise smooth workflow. Thanks to Datamolino’s API, we could finally automate the entire process and save significant time.”


Digital, Scanned or Photographed

Full support for digital PDFs and scanned documents (PDF, JPG, PNG, TIFF). Also, handwriting.

Cross-platform invoice support

Get invoices through email, web or mobile app.

Accurate data extraction

Extract data more precisely than obsolete manual data entry.

Multilanguage Ready

Supports English and also EU languages - all necessary invoice data captured

Automated PDF splitting

Send several invoices in one file, let Datamolino extract them.

No Rules or Templates Necessary

Our team takes care of all the data capture setup. Just tell us which invoice fields you need to capture.

Duplicates detection

Find duplicates on file level and data level.

Captures extra data

Extract advanced information like invoice descriptions, line items etc.

Volume-based pricing

No hidden fees, no unpleasant surprises. Just one amount depending upon the number of documents you process.

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