Automated invoice data entry for businesses

Nobody started a business to do paperwork. With Datamolino it is easy to collect all documents in one place and share them with your bookkeeper.

How Datamolino works?

  • First, import your documents into Datamolino. They can be scanned documents, digital PDFs, pictures or email receipts.

  • Datamolino then captures all the crucial data from your invoices and automatically codes them as well.

  • As a last step, export the data to your accounting software or have Datamolino do it automatically for you.

What features business owners love the most?

Line items capture

Save hours in data entry and get detailed insights across your accounts.

Searchable cloud archive

Browse and share data with your team members with ease.

Smart automation rules

Set up smart automation rules for suppliers across multiple locations, branches or departments.

What can it help you do?

Manage time and document collection more efficiently

Simply snap a pic with your mobile app, email documents in or upload them via web app. Cut even more time and eliminate unnecessary step of manually forwarding emails – ask your suppliers to email their invoices directly to Datamolino. All documents are organised in one centralised place creating a searchable online archive. This makes for secure, reliable and continuous collection of documents. Nothing gets lost resulting in less stress at the and of the month. No more hunting for paperwork at the last minute!


Collaborate with your team easily

With Datamolino, you can invite users to folders on a need to have basis, meaning each person will see data relevant only to them. Users can review, comment and approve documents before exporting using collaboration tools like simple approval structure, folder notes and comments. It is an ideal tool for remote working enabling your users to connect from anywhere – nothing to install, updates are released automatically and no backups or maintenance are needed from your end.

Manage complex organisation

If you run business with multiple locations, company branches or projects, Datamolino lets you create individual folders for each such unit to set unique automation rules to save time on invoice coding. Automation will deliver time and cost savings and will enable your staff to focus on more interesting and valuable assignments.


Focus on your business

With Datamolino, you can easily collect, process and share documents with your colleagues and your accountant as you go. Continuous invoice processing means real-time reporting and better cashflow forecasting for your business resulting in a better understanding of your current business status and future outlook.

What businesses think of Datamolino?
  • Datamolino

    5“Datamolino has been a big help for our organization. I love how it integrates with XERO, plus the duplicate invoice control reduces the risk of paying twice.I would recommend it to those companies that are heavy on the AP side of things.”

  • Datamolino

    5“I wanted to put on record not only what a great product Datamolino is, but they were one of the first companies to help us in a really difficult time. As a pub we use them to scrub all our invoices before passing them into Xero. The scrub has become better and better over time and saves me a huge amount of time. I used to use one of the other "scrubbers" so to speak, but found Datamolino much simpler to use and their app more user friendly. If we ever get the world back on tilt, we certainly will support this company as they have supported us, unlike some other well known suppliers. ”

  • Datamolino

    5“Datamolino has been invaluable in streamlining our systems and making life so much easier! Gone is the manual processing, saving so much time, allowing me to concentrate on other aspects of my business. The software is efficient and extremely accurate and integrates seamlessly with xero. Customer service is second to none and Lubica is always on hand to answer any queries or questions we may have. I would 100% recommend using this app.”

  • Datamolino

    5“Datamolino has been a great addition to our business, saving us time and creating efficiencies by linking well with Xero. When we've had issues, the Datamolino team have been very helpful and problems solved quickly. I would thoroughly recommend Datamolino to other operators in our sector.”

Fair pricing

Pay only for the number of documents that you process.
Add as many users and folders as you need at no extra cost.

Find the right plan for your business