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Automate your bookkeeping with Xero.

Automate data entry and processing of your financial documents with Datamolino integrated seamlessly into your Xero workflow. Increase efficiency with supplier automation rules and self-learning invoice coding suggestions.

Automate your bookkeeping with Xero
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Xero has all you need to run your business or accounting practice – including invoicing, paying bills, sales tax returns, processing bank statements, reporting and much more.

How Datamolino works with Xero

1. Connecting

Create your folder and link it to your Xero organisation. The initial connection of your Datamolino folder to your Xero organisation takes less than a minute.

2. Data capture

Datamolino then automatically retrieves information like contact lists, ledger accounts, tax codes, and tracking categories from your Xero settings.

3. Automation & Exporting

Datamolino allows you to code your invoices prior to exporting them to Xero. You also have the option to set up automatic coding and document exporting.

Powerful features to improve your efficiency


Line items & Inventory

Export inventory items and line item quantities to Xero. Support for tracked inventory is included.


Work with both Purchases and Sales

Datamolino allows you to export your documents to Bills to pay as well as to Invoices.


Flexible folders

Organise and manage invoices for clients, teams or company branches in folders, which can connect to same or different Xero organisations.


Export your documents with preferred status

You can export your document to Xero under Draft, Awaiting approval or Awaiting payment status.


Smart automation rules

Set up automation rules for your various clients or businesses with multiple locations, branches or departments.


Support for Construction Industry Scheme

Deductions and Payments are automatically calculated in Xero for your CIS suppliers.

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350+ five star reviews for Datamolino on the Xero App Store

“Datamolino has saved us hundreds of hours of manual data-entry time. We have recommended it to many other accountants & bookkeepers.”
Michaela Zein
“We use Datamolino for all of our clients. The application and service are unbeatable. They are always on hand to help should you need them but most of the time everything works perfectly.”
Colin Crone
“Easy to use and extremely helpful. Datamolino is user friendly, more so than the other like apps I have used. Great customer support too.”
Catherine Pitts
“Best option available on the market. Started to look for an AP automation tool, conducted several meetings with AP automation providers, and Datamolino managed to stand out from the crowd.”
Gabi Lupu
“I have tried various other receipt capturing softwares but Datamolino is by far the best. Line items are captured perfectly, processing time is lightning and Lu has been so helpful to me. I thoroughly recomm
Jason Blackman

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