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Pricing and features – AutoEntry vs. Hubdoc vs. Dext vs. Datamolino in 2024

One of the most time-consuming aspects of accounting & bookkeeping is entering purchase invoices and receipts. You might not initially think of automating this activity, but it can seriously waste time and result in human error. For Xero and QuickBooks Online, the leading providers of automated data entry and OCR are Dext Prepare, AutoEntry,  Hubdoc, Datamolino.

Pricing and features – AutoEntry vs. Hubdoc vs. Dext vs. Datamolino in 2024

In this article we try to address the common questions that people ask on how Datamolino compares to these solutions. 

How the apps compare on the Xero Appstore

TL:DR – Summary

If you trust the user reviews, Datamolino and Dext Prepare are now going head to head. AutoEntry is still the price king when it comes to receipt processing but is now more expensive for bank statement processing compared to Datamolino. AutoEntry has lost a bit of appeal after its acquisition by Sage. The surprise is Hubdoc and the recent wave of negative reviews.

From pricing perspective: You can get Hubdoc for free with Xero. AutoEntry and Datamolino have a pay per document pricing model and Dext prepare has a pay per client and add-ons pricing model. The devil is in the details and it depends on what level of service you require and how many businesses do you need to service. The pricing comparisons below are made with bookkeepers and accountants in mind. Business pricing in Dext is slightly different. 

At the end of the day, Dext Prepare and Datamolino are comparable solution, each has its strong points. It is best to trial both. Ask for a demo. This type of first touch is sometimes a good pointer to how your whole customer experience will unfold.

Now to the individual solutions:

Dext Prepare

Dext (previously Receipt Bank) is a pre-accounting software for businesses and accountants that makes it easier to collect and enter important data. With Dext, you can send expense reports and business expenses in one simple click, and all of the data will be automatically categorized and safely stored. 

Dext Prepare v Datamolino features

So how is Datamolino different from Dext? Apart from pricing which we discuss below, here are some notable differences:

  • Datamolino includes invoice description on all invoices where Dext leaves the description blank.
  • Datamolino allows for multiple automation scenarios for companies managing different locations, projects or departments. This is possible thanks to the ability to create multiple folders for one company.
  • Datamolino specialises in line item processing. Datamolino learns how you code your invoices and allows you to create distinct rules to automate line item coding just the way you want it.
  • Dext Prepare has a broader feature set at the moment, however not all features are included in the Essentials package.
  • Datamolino includes PDF Auto Split feature that automatically splits multipage scans into individual invoices for all users, while Dext includes this handy feature only the Advanced package.

Dext Prepare is a complex product and Dext has added a new features over the years. Datamolino is focused on speedy processing of bills, receipts and bank statements and includes all the features that most users require.

Both solutions support basic bills & receipt processing, bank statement conversion and invoices with line items. 

Dext Prepare Pricing

In 2023 Dext has announced a big pricing change that cancelled all unlimited deals for Dext users. This has frustrated long term Dext users who grew accustomed to unlimited user plans. Over the course of the year 2024 the new pricing comes into effect for existing customer when they are up for plan renewal. 

For accountants and bookkeepers Dext pricing starts at 10 clients: £189.74/month (£165/month for annual plans) for the Essentials plan and £201.24/month (£175/month for annual plans) for the Advanced plan. Dext includes a calculator on its site to help you understand how you will be charged. For a 50 client package your bill will start at £465/month for the Essentials and £515/month for the Advanced plan if you subscribe for a year upfront. 

Basic invoice and receipt processing is part of the package. To process bank statements or invoices with line items, you will need to pay extra (document prices are not public at the moment) after you have exhausted the add-ons that are part of your package  (5 bank statement pages per client and 1 document with line items per client – these can be shared within your client base). 

Dext Prepare v. Datamolino pricing

Comparing Dext Prepare and Datamolino pricing is a bit tricky. Where Datamolino charges per each document, Dext Prepare charges for each client (minimum of 10 clients). Datamolino for bookkeepers and accountants starts at £39/month and does not ask you to commit to a large monthly payment from the start. 

For basic document processing, if you need a lower price, Dext is a good choice If you have clients with large invoice volumes that must be processed every month. The price will increase if you also serve a lot of smaller clients, because of the “pay per client” pricing model.

Datamolino allows you to serve unlimited number of clients on any level of subscription and charges only for the amounts of documents processed, similar to AutoEntry. This is best if you service clients that have a typical volume of invoices. 

Example 1: Small practice with 20 clients and typical invoice volume per month of about 50 bills & receipts per client. Dext Prepare £275.98/month (£240/month for annual sub), Datamolino 1000 invoices £240/month (cancel anytime).

Example 2: Practice with 50 clients and typical invoice volume of about 50 bills & receipts per client. Dext Prepare £534.70/month (£465/month for annual sub), Datamolino 2500 invoices £500/month (cancel anytime).

To some extent Dext Prepare and Datamolino pricing are comparable. Datamolino is priced strictly based on document processing volumes. Dext is priced per client and prices some “add ons” such as bank statement processing and line item processing separately (after you have exhausted the limited number of units in your package).

Dext Prepare Reviews

Dext Prepare is currently rated with 4.8 stars in the Xero Appstore


Designed for small to midsize businesses, it is an automated data entry platform that streamlines the process of bookkeeping and accounting. AutoEntry automatically extracts data from the invoices and automatically syncs it with accounting software. The most useful feature of AutoEntry is bank statement processing. AutoEntry has been recently acquired by Sage.

AutoEntry Pricing

AutoEntry doesn’t require a full subscription, you purchase credits and depending on what type of documents you submit for processing the credits are used. In this way you pay for what you use. 

The pricing starts as follows: 1 invoice costs £0.24 (1 credit), processing 1 invoice with line items costs £0.48 (2 credits) and processing 1 page of a bank statement costs £0.72 (3 credits). The price goes down with higher volumes, where 1 credit can cost £0.16 if you purchase 2500 credits worth £400 EUR on a monthly basis.

Datamolino has better pricing for bank statement processing which starts at £0.60 per page (compared to £0.72 with AutoEntry), which is true even in highest tiers where Datamolino costs £0.45 and AutoEntry £0.48 per page.

If you are serious about line items, Datamolino might be the better choice, invoice processing with line items is in the range of £0.31 to £0.35 and AutoEntry in the range of £0.32 to £0.48.

AutoEntry Reviews

AutoEntry is currently rated with 4.7 stars in the Xero Appstore. The review frequency has dropped significantly since AutoEntry’s acquisition by Sage. In 2022 there was a series of negative reviews that are the cause for the lower app rating on the appstore. The last reviews are from January 2024 (as of 6/5/2024) giving out 4 and 5 stars to AutoEntry. 


Hubdoc is an Xero product that extracts data from your receipts & bills. It recognises data very fast with adequate data quality. It is not as feature packed as Dext Prepare but it is the most economical solution for Xero users which do not have too many documents to process. It is a great place to start if you have basic data capture needs.

Hubdoc is included for free with most Xero subscriptions. For other users it costs £10 per company.

Hubdoc Reviews

Hubdoc is currently rated with 3.6 stars in the Xero Appstore. The most recent reviews do not recommend to use Hubdoc. 


Datamolino integrates with Xero and QuickBooks Online, collects documents, and automates entries just like the other tools on this list. It excels in simplicity and focus on the automated data entry of invoices and receipts. It can extract data with line item level information for both purchases and sales invoices. The biggest difference to other tools and unique to Datamolino is the ability to create different automation scenarios for companies managing different locations, projects or departments. This is possible thanks to the ability to create multiple folders for one company.

Datamolino Reviews

Datamolino is currently rated with 4.9 stars in the Xero Appstore. Users appreciate the customer support and ease of use.  One sceptical reviewer recently noted says: “Better than expected”. 

Datamolino Pricing

Datamolino uses a volume based pricing model. You pay for your actual usage.  Please review the pricing details on our pricing page.


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