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8 Reasons Why Suppliers Should Start Emailing Invoices.

Datamolino has the power to process and extract all the data from paper invoices sent by suppliers, but encouraging suppliers to send PDF invoices instead, can speed up your workflow and increase office efficiency. PDF invoices are easier to ‘read’ so data validation happens faster. Quicker processing keeps you on top of the financial health of your business. Emailing invoices has huge advantages for your suppliers too! We know change isn’t always easy so here are the 8 best reasons for suppliers to switch to emailing their invoices as PDFs.

1. Speed

Things happen quicker with email as opposed to snail mail. Emailing invoices shortens your supplier’s workflow by eliminating the printing, mailing and transportation costs of invoices. PDFs can be emailed so they arrive almost instantly, paper invoices take a lot more time

2. Get paid faster

When invoices arrive quicker, they get paid quicker. By sending invoices as PDFs suppliers can expect their money in their account sooner.

3. Uses existing infrastructure

Suppliers already use email so why not suggest they use it for invoices too. There’s nothing new for them to set up, and most accounting suites allow invoices to be exported directly to PDFs ready to be attached to an email.

4. Consistency

PDFs are a widely used and accepted format, they’re recognised and supported by all systems worldwide. PDFs enable suppliers to provide a more consistent service too; they look the same no matter who sends them, who opens them or where they’re opened.

5. Space

Storing paper copies of invoices takes a lot of space, PDFs on the other hand require very little storage. Most PDF invoices are only about 50 kilobytes per page. With PDFs, copies and retrieval can be done in seconds as opposed to the hassles of paper invoices.

6. Safe

PDF invoices are difficult to change or alter and can even have passwords and permissions activated.

7. Cost savings

Sending PDFs eliminates printing and postage costs, which means more money in the supplier’s pocket. A breakdown into the actual savings achieved through e-invoicing can be found in the Billentis Report.

8. Environment

Emailing PDF invoices is great for the environment because they eliminate the need for paper, print cartridges and transport. Less resources and emissions means less impact on the planet.

It is possible to speed up your invoice processing and reconcile accounts quicker by receiving PDFs from suppliers. And by giving suppliers the email address you use with your Datamolino account they can send invoices directly for processing. You can review each invoice before it’s processed, or by adding the supplier’s email address to your whitelist it can be done automatically, giving you more time for your business.

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