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What are the 5 features that make Datamolino unique?

What are the 5 features that make Datamolino unique?
  1. Automatic PDF splitting Several multi-page invoices in one PDF? Datamolino automatically splits such PDF files into individual invoices.

  2. Better automation scenarios Sometimes throwing everything into the same bucket is not the best strategy. With Datamolino you can automate based on project, location, company branch or department.

  3. Detailed invoice data In addition to header and footer invoice data, Datamolino captures invoice description and tax and line item breakdown of each invoice.

  4. Baked in approval of invoices Recently we introduced a feature that allows you to approve invoices with one click. While at this time the use case for this covers only the basic approval scenarios for a small busines, we are improving the feature based on customer feedback.

  5. Datamolino is greater than the sum of its parts Over the years we have developed a lot of smaller features that are tailored for the professional bookkeeper or accountant. These little things add up and improve productivity of Datamolino users.

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