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Paper Headaches? Now cured by Datamolino.

Suffering from Paper Headaches?

The frustration bought on by trying to manage all the invoices and receipts for your business’ accounting needs. When losing just one can mean the loss of a day’s work, or even worse, an audit. Datamolino is an awesome extraction toolfor automating your invoice processing but it can also help your office to go paperless and streamline your entire workflow. Here’s how …

Paper Headache #1 – Paper is old technology.

Paper is great for wrapping gifts, novelty sized cheques and love letters, but not for your office. Paper is easily misfiled, lost, damaged or destroyed. The problem is that your business depends on paper documents to validate its accounting processes. Not only does the data need to be entered from the paper, but all the invoices and receipts need to be stored and be able to be retrieved. One piece of paper can be safely kept in your wallet, but hundreds of them and it becomes much more problematic.

Paper Headache #2 – Paper makes everything more expensive.

Wherever there’s paper in your business there’s increased cost. There are obvious direct costs like the paper itself and printer cartridges, but even touching paper in your business increases costs. Shuffling paper to share it, file it, send it, and copy it, all takes time. And time takes money straight from your bottom line.

Paper Headache #3 – Paper is finite.

There is an obvious environmental cost of paper too. A massive amount of resources are needed to create paper and printer cartridges. These resources could be better kept where they are, in trees and in the Earth.

Is there a magic pill for Paper Headaches?

There is, and it starts with automating your invoice and receipt processing. Automation eliminates paper from entering your workflow in the first place! It allows you to do electronically all those things you previously did with paper. Using an extraction solution like Datamolino means that each invoice or receipt just needs to be scanned and emailed, and Paper Headaches will start to disappear.

Datamolino does three things that have an immediate impact.

Firstly, a digitised copy of the document is made. Making an electronic copy of the document means it won’t ever get destroyed or damaged. Datamolino uses the strictest security protocols and routinely backs up all data so your electronic copy will exist for longer than it takes for even a forest of trees to grow.

Secondly, the data automatically is extracted. When the data is extracted not only have you saved yourself from manual data entry, but the data stored can also be searched. The search functionality allows you to retrieve any document easily and quickly. Documents can’t be misplaced and there is no physical storage space used whatsoever. You can get any document, from wherever you are just by logging into your account.

Thirdly, with an electronic copy of the document with the data extracted you can do everything you did before – but you can do it quicker and almost cost free. Document handling within a workflow demands that different people (e.g. colleagues, your accountant) have to collaborate, share and approve many pieces of paper. Going paper free with Datamolino is as simple as setting permissions on each document in your electronic archive and whomever youchoose can play their part in working on the one document. No shuffling paper, just login and work.

What are the set up costs to get rid of Paper Headaches?

Probably nothing. Datamolino has no setup costs and if you already have a scanner, it costs nothing to start your paper free office. If you don’t have a scanner here are some choices for you, make sure you choose one that can scan to email and outputs the documents as PDFs. Invoices and receipts can sometimes be on quite flimsy paper so a flatbed scanner might be best. If you scan a lot of documents on a regular basis then you might want to choose one with a sheet feeder instead. An alternative to a desktop scanner is app on your smartphone like CamScanner and Genius Scan. These are really handy apps that allow you take a photo of your documents, adjust them for cropping and email them as PDFs instantly.

What exactly do I have to do to get started?

Sign up for your own Datamolino account for just €6 a month free at the moment, this allows you to archive up to 40 invoices a month. The sign up is as simple as entering your name and email address. Once you’ve signed up you can create your own Datamolino email address so all your invoices and receipts go directly to your account for extraction and archiving. Scan the invoice or receipt to your Datamolino email address, and you’re done! Make sure you put the paper document in the recycling bin to help save Paper Headache #3 even more!

Want more freedom from Paper Headaches?

It’s easy, just ask your suppliers to email invoices directly to your Datamolino account! They send them to Datamolino and we’ll send you an email when the data is extracted and they are safely archived.

The key to stopping Paper Headaches is to stop paper from entering your workflow. Datamolino does everything paper can do but better, faster, and cheaper. Sorry paper, but you are so Han Dynasty! If you have any questions send an email to and we can help get rid of your Paper Headaches for good.


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