Datamolino at Xerocon London: Day 2

(read time – 4 minutes)

What a day! It was really exciting to be able to demo Datamolino to so many enthusiastic accountants and bookkeepers. Getting to hand deliver our solution and hear exactly the problems the UK sector was trying to solve was really rewarding. Knowing we could help them was even better. I never imagined that Xerocon could attract so many accountants excited about the cloud. We finished the day with great validation of our product and more ideas about how we can make Datamolino more useful for the whole industry.

I really enjoyed Rita Clifton’s presentation titled ‘Branding your practice’. We know branding is important but her insights and case studies showed how we can do more to reap huge rewards across our business. Paul Miller from Cornish Accounting Solutions was part of a fascinating panel titled ‘Building a perfect practice’ and how accountants should treat their practice like one of their clients. 

Building the perfect practice.
Building the perfect practice – Xerocon London 2015

I had heard a lot about the community of Xero add-on partners and it lived up to its reputation. There was a genuine camaraderie in the ecosystem and putting faces to all the add-ons was rewarding. Getting to hear first hand about everyone’s solutions helped us to better understand how we fit into Xero’s product. A relaxed and happy Rod Drury dropped by for a chat at the end of the day which was really great. His enthusiasm in infectious and we were made to feel very welcome in the Xero family.

The next step for Datamolino is follow up with all our new accountant and bookkeeping friends and save them from manual data entry forever – see you next time Xeroconers!

Jan Korecky

P.S. Xero even let us take a banner!

Jan Korecky - Datamolino - Xerocon London 2015