Xero Roadshow UK Promotion 2015

We have prepared a special treat for all Xero Roadshow attendees who wish to save time on data entry. Ask our roadshow delegates: Lenka, Andrej or Jan about our SPECIAL OFFER. They will give you all the care and love that you deserve. You can also email us at info@datamolino.com and request further details.

Dear Xero Lovers,

Our team is now on the Xero Roadshow meeting accountants from all around the UK.

To make things interesting, we’ve prepared a Special Offer for all Xero Roadshow attendees. We want to help you to save the time that your staff currently spend on data entry and paper pushing.

As part of our Xero Roadshow Special Offer:

  • 50% discount – on your first Datamolino bill!
  • FREE – Line Item Extraction as part of your user plan until the end of 2015.
  • Personalised care while on-boarding to Datamolino

The roadshow is titled EVOLVE and Datamolino is the next step in the evolution of accounting and bookkeeping. We’re looking forward to meeting more passionate Xero accountants soon!


*The offer is valid until May 15th, 2015.