Wayra Germany Demo Day – Munich 2014

Thanks to Wayra Munich for recently hosting a sensational Demo Day! The event was supremely organized by Wayra Germany and ran really smoothly. Like our Prague experience, the academy had an atmosphere that was full of excitement and enthusiasm. The teams were of excellent quality (as expected) and we were really impressed with Becoacht and Naymit.

Jan and I had the chance to make a lot of new contacts and be able to show Datamolino to a new audience. We were very happy with the feedback we received from Christian Pedersen of Microsoft Dynamics, Frederik Roever from Becoacht, and Philippe Souidi from DataWithoutLimits. Our conversations have us excited about the prospect of Datamolino being a suitable product for our future German customers.

It was great to connect again with some of other Wayra family members from Prague and beyond – Ashley Stockwell, Alex Bergfeldt, Simon Devonshire, and Sharon Pickford. The after party in Munich was fun, including the bratwurst, with horseradish so strong that our eyes nearly shot out!