The importance of integrations for the growth of an SaaS startup.

The benefits of cloud computing are driving strong growth within the SaaS sphere. Cost and flexibility are the biggest factors for enterprises in adopting cloud solutions. While more and more businesses are taking their computing needs cloud side it isn’t possible to expect that one platform can cover all current and future needs. Sure some processes are fairly standard (workflow, communication, storage), while others are unique to sectors (e.g. invoice automation), and some people just have their own individual preferred way of working. Fortunately there are many founders and startups hard at work tackling increasingly industry specific problems so more people and more needs are being catered too. However customers are finding themselves with a ‘collection of solutions’ that suit their needs rather than one solution to ‘rule them all’. Having to use multiple pieces of software can slow and inhibit business – multiple logins, multiple amounts of data entry, and no access to dynamic data. The solution is more connectivity, or in SaaS terms, integrations. Integrations are the SaaS form of backscratching, and in the cloud sphere they make sound business sense for any startup.

Increased usability

Integrating with an established platform means that your users can do more with your software. The value chain and the workflow don’t have to end at your server; instead once your software has done its job users can move seamlessly to the next. Integrations also offer new ways to use your software or the data it collects in ways that you might not have though of, or gotten around to thinking of! It’s all about providing more for your customer.

Quicker scalability

Everyone wants more people to benefit from the fruits of their labour and SaaS companies that integrate love to tell their users about new ways to use their software. Bingo, free marketing. Of course it works both ways and you are expected to shout about their product too, but why wouldn’t you tell your users how they can get more from your software? Integrations and the awareness they bring about your product can help scale your business much quicker than if you did it alone. Connect your software – connect your users.

Integrations are cheap

Sure creating and connecting APIs takes development time but usually there are no ongoing costs. The benefits to your business in terms of added marketing and usability make integrations a great investment in your SaaS.

Easy for the user

From a user’s perspective most integrations are up and running within just a few clicks so it’s easy for them to get the benefit. Usually both parties have instructions, how to videos and help desks so it is all done frustration free. Integrations allow customers to work quicker without having to switch between apps saving them more time and money.

Thanks to integrations SaaS startups can gain more visibility to potential users quicker and leverage more marketing channels, all while increasing functionality. It’s all about giving customers more.