The case for increasing automation in your business.

If you didn’t get everything done this week, or you would have liked to achieve more, Paul Bulpitt from the The WOW Company has the answer. Paul puts forward a great case for the automation of as many business process as possible. He believes that with the proliferation of so many cloud computing solutions, business owners owe it to themselves to ‘outsource’ lower level tasks to free up resources. The best thing about software-as-a-service is that there are more and more niche products that suit many business types.

His four reasons for automating business processes are –

Cost effective. It’s almost always cheaper to automate a process than to pay someone to do it.

Consistency. No human can perform a task as reliably and consistently as a software application.

Scalability. Automated processes scale up quickly and easily, whereas scaling manual processes requires hiring extra staff.

Time. With management time freed up, you can get on with doing what you and only you can do.

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