Back to School – Tips for you and your business this September.

September is here and as families are getting children ready for school, why not get your accounting documents organised as well. Here’s 5 tips for the kids and the data!

1.Establish a homework routine

A homework routine is great for teaching time management to children. Establishing a routine helps develop a schedule to prioritise study and fit in other activities. Decide on the best time for your child to do their homework – afternoon, evening, before or after play. A routine helps encourage children to know exactly what’s expected of them and (hopefully) ensures it will get done.

Establish an automated AP processing routine

 An automated AP processing routine can mean all your data extraction and data archival is done accurately and securely without the need for paper or retyping. Instead of manually entering data and filing your accounting documents, they can be simply emailed and the data extracted without you needing to schedule time for keying in numbers.  With automation you can expect fully verified data entering your workflow and know that it will get done.

2. Set up a study space

Homework and study is best done in the same location free from distractions and annoyances. A clean desk and good light go a long way to helping children concentrate. It helps to have all the tools needed ready, including spare pens and device chargers. Probably a good idea to clear the virtual space too … if you can discourage them from logging onto social networks.

Set up an account with Datamolino

Set up an account here, and you can be inside taking a look at Datamolino in seconds. Your account is your space to organise all your accounting documents, to have them searchable and available for quick retrieval. Sign up requires a name and an email address … we even have 30 days for you to try for free. We encourage you to log on to our social networks to stay on top of what Datamolino can do for your business.

3. Tidy room

A tidy room can make life easier for everyone – less stuff gets lost and less sanity is needed to find things. Create a simple system for kids to keep their rooms tidy by using cheap storage boxes they can pile things into. Tidy rooms also help keep an inventory of what needs to repaired or replaced. Encourage kids to make decisions on what needs to be kept and what doesn’t so they don’t get lost in the clutter.

Tidy inbox

A tidy inbox means work is getting done and with Datamolino your work can get done automatically. It’s easy to set up email forwarding from trusted suppliers so their invoices are directed to where they need to be in your Datamolino account as soon as you receive them. You can set up automatic data extraction so documents are processed without any interruption to you, or you can set permissions so you have full control over what is added to your agenda and what isn’t. Bills, invoices and receipts won’t get lost in the inbox clutter and they can be retrieved in seconds.

4. Pack your bag

Mornings can be hectic for any family and time is usually tight, so it makes sense to get as much ready as you can the night before. Prior preparation also gives you time to organise details that may have been neglected. Bags and lunches can be packed and ready to go so there is less stress in the morning. Preparing early means devices can be fully charged and you still have enough time to make a giant lizard costume in case someone forget to tell you about Dinosaur Day. With everything prepped in one place it can be easily collected before walking out the door.

Pack your data

Packing your data with a cloud based accounting solution means it is all stored in one place and available from anywhere and at anytime. Keeping your financial documents organised in one online location means they are ready to be exported or retrieved at the press of a button. Nicely packed data means you have a full audit trail available and you can are prepared for an audit too!

5. Use calendars and lists

Kids are busy and forgetful, so they need a way to track what’s going on and when. A calendar hung in a bedroom or on a fridge is a great reminder for them. If you have more than one child then a Google calendar for the family is a great tool for you! School, extra-curricular activities, birthdays and events can all get added as soon as you know about them.  Adding events immediately means less chance of being forgotten and less time spent organising. Make sure you leave plenty of time between events to save on stress and having to rush from place to place. Lists are a great way for kids to manage tasks. Writing a list helps them to think logically about tasks and helps them to be prepared for problem solving. Lists also teach kids to how to prioritise events and manage their time.

Use Agendas 

By creating separate agendas within your Datamolino account you can easily segment and track financial data. If you have multiple businesses or revenue streams that need individual management it is easy to create an agenda for each of them by clicking the ‘+ Add agenda’ button. Each agenda has a unique email address that you can choose, all relevant bills, invoice and receipts can be emailed and added immediately to the relevant agenda. 


Getting children back to school is all about being prepared, getting organised and managing time. Getting your accounting data organised requires similar steps, but it’s a lot cheaper and easier. Have a great school year!