Goodbye Beta!

With the release of our latest version of Datamolino this week we are officially out of our beta testing and available as a full commercial product in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. During our beta testing we made many improvements so you can have more flexibility in managing your documents and the data we extract. A big thank you to our beta testers – the feedback and support you have provided over the past months has been vital. We know many of you personally and we are very grateful for your help. Andrej and I look forward to continuing to work closely with you (and our new customers!) to further refine Datamolino.

Datamolino now enables all businesses in the region that rely on manual data entry, access to enterprise quality software without an ‘enterprise quality’ price. This is another milestone that we are thrilled to reach and it’s an important step on our journey. The launch is our way of saying we are 100% ready for you – we can provide you with the highest quality invoice extraction services and digital archiving processes. But it doesn’t mean we take a break. We can now reach out to more potential users of Datamolino and show how they can make real savings in time and money by eliminating old ways of accounting by implementing automation. Releases for other countries will quickly follow, and we have a hectic development schedule to implement more of your feedback, features and eliminate any pesky bugs.

Implementing anything new within an established business can be tricky, especially when it has to do with new technology. We  deliberately designed our software to be as simple to use as email, but we know there will always be new questions to answer. As more businesses and accountants implement Datamolino into their individual workflows we are prepared to offer full support to make it as seamless as possible. For launch we have made sure that all our users have the opportunity to chat directly with our online support teams. You can even invite our support team to view your agenda when you need help, this makes solving  any issues quick and easy!

To drive development, and provide maximum value for accountants and SMEs, we are constantly asking ourselves two questions – How is Datamolino being used? What other ways can Datamolino be used? The answers lead us towards the next release and beyond.

Our goal is to integrate seamlessly into your business, providing the validation and security that your accounting processes demand. If you want to know more about Datamolino, or try it for yourself, contact us at


Jan Korecky
Co-Founder & COO

So what is Datamolino?

Datamolino automatically extracts and validates all the important information from your invoices and receipts. This data is stored securely, and ready for integration with your exiting accounting software. It is ideal for accounting firms and businesses that want to streamline their invoice processing and stop having to process invoices by manually retyping them into their accounting software.

Datamolino let’s you extract invoices in two regimes:

1. Invoice Header + Invoice Tax Summary
2. Invoice Header + Invoice Tax Summary + Invoice Item lines

Each Datamolino Agenda you create has a unique email address for your Purchase Invoices, this allows you to import bills directly to it. The bills are imported by simply sending them to the email address, or asking your suppliers to Cc your bills to your Datamolino Agenda address. The invoices will all show up automatically in your Agenda with the data ready to be extracted. You can also review all the invoice details with a full PDF preview. Once extracted, Datamolino shows you all the verified data and the invoice image that you have stored in your Datamolino account online.

Datamolino has also an API that lets software developers easily integrate with our software. This feature is ideal for system integrators who wish to incorporate Datamolino’s services into Document Management Systems or ERP systems. The full technical details are available at