Hello Newcastle! Xero Roadshow 2015

Good Morning from the other end of the UK – Newcastle upon Tyne! We’ve been overwhelmed with the interest Datamolino has been generating at each stop on the roadshow – who would have thought that manually retyping data into software was a universal problem! Xero accountants and bookkeepers are craving more time for their business and for themselves. Either way, manual data entry is history. We’re discovering that while many professionals are currently outsourcing their manual data entry finding a reliable service is a problem. Fortunately Datamolino relies on specialised software that is capable of learning each type of document it needs to process – once we see a document once we can process it faster next time. Datamolino is less prone to error and can work 24/7. See how we can work for you (including our line item extraction feature) today at Life Conference & Banqueting, Central Parkway, Newcastle upon Tyne.

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