• November 18, 2016

50 reviews on the Xero marketplace!


Xero users: Thank you for all the love!

We now have 50 reviews on the Xero marketplace.


This year has been really great for Datamolino. We have first launched Datamolino into the UK market in February 2015 at the Xerocon London. So today, we are only 22 months into our journey within the Xero ecosystem. In 2015, we managed to get the first 9 reviews! And in 2016 we have 41 reviews and counting! Big thanks to the users who supported us when we were just starting out! Those first users really made a difference for us.


We always enjoy having a chat with our clients. Over the last couple of weeks we have met many of you in person. This year we had the opportunity to meet at the Xerocon London in February, then at the Xerocon South in Brisbane, Australia in September. In October at the Bookkeepers Summit in London. And now in November during the Xero Roadshow in London, Manchester, Bristol, Edinburgh and Birmingham.  We were amazed by how many people came to say Hi and introduced Datamolino to their friends and colleagues.


So what are our clients saying?


  • Datamolino captures more data. This includes invoice descriptions and line items
  • The pricing structure is fair and makes a lot of sense to firms that need to onboard all of their clients.
  • There are no charges “per client” or “per user”.
  • The in-app chat is a great hit. It makes it easy to talk to our team and get help very fast.
  • Training of users is included in the price. The team always ensures that you get the most our of Datamolino.

You can read all the reviews on the Xero Marketplace [click].

Here are some of our favourite reviews:


Fantastic application, we have been immersed in cloud solutions for the past 5 years and used to use receipt bank but we find datamolino is far more efficient, accurate, quicker and their support team are exactly what you need.

Their payment structure is far more sensible also. Great work and thank you

— Bren Morrison

We have been using Datamolino for processing purchase invoices for a few months now. Once the software has a “fingerprint” for a particular supplier’s invoice, the data is processed really quickly. The software is easy to use and the support is great, too.

— Michael Hawes

Datamolino’s app has been a game-changer for our invoice processing systems. We’ve been using the app for several months and would never go back to manual processing now. Significant time savings, error-free entry and simple to operate systems mean that the app has greatly improved all-round efficiency. We would have no hesitation in recommending Datamolino to any of our clients and we now use this as an added-value service ourselves.

— Andrew Wilson

Datamolino is a great Xero add on, we use this for all our clients for both purchase and sales invoices and the time it has saved myself and my colleagues is amazing. The accuracy of the information extracted from the invoice once you have set up the defaults is flawless. We would recommend Datamolino to anyone.

The customer support is second to none, no matter what the query the team at Datamolino are always quick to respond. Great system, great company.

— Vicky Allan

Datamolino are a fantastic add-on partner to Xero, – I have been using their system for 6 months now and it has saved me many hours of data entry. I find the data extraction is accurate and it will also check for any duplicate invoices.

The Datamolino team are very helpful and supportive and I would highly recommend them to any business, bookkeeping or accounting practice to create better workflows.

Thank you Datamolino, you make my job so much easier!

— Nicola Trett