Datamolino at Xerocon London: Day One

(read time – 4 minutes)

What a day! I have to be honest and say that I was anxious about Datamolino’s first ever Xerocon. This was our opportunity to introduce over two years of work to our core customers – UK accountants and bookkeepers. The past few days it felt like all our eggs were in this basket. Would Xero accountants be interested in Datamolino? Would they understand what we’re trying to achieve? Would we fit into their community? I shouldn’t have worried.

I am really proud of the decision we made to bring Datamolino here to Xerocon London. The accountants attending are incredibly knowledgable about Xero and the cloud accounting environment. Not only have we been able to showcase our tech but we have learnt so much about the needs of UK accountants and the myriad of use cases for Datamolino. We are so excited at the new opportunities we are finding already and the new ones we envisage. The passion for the product shown by the community drives us and we are looking forward to freeing accountants here from manual data entry.

One of the most inspiring aspects of Xerocon so far has been the mindset of attendees and exhibitors. A beautifully simple ethos permeates this conference – How can I improve? There is a tangible passion for accountants wanting to be able do more for their customers and their business. The awards dinner in the evening was a wonderful event. Like Xero it was simple, beautiful and seamless. Great food, deserving award winners and an incredible band. The whole team joined Xero CEO Rod Drury keeping the dance floor and as always it ended way too quickly! Bring on Day 2!

Andrej Glezl