Children’s Day is a good time to update you on our progress

Today is the international Children’s Day which is a favourite holiday in our office. Those of us with children are looking forward to spend the afternoon with the kids. Children like to have fun and play. Maybe this is a good time to summarise what are we “playing” with and what is Datamolino up to.

Our last post was about why it makes sense to go to Xerocon London.  The whole Xerocon week has been a great way for us to connect with our customers and get valuable feedback. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by and signed our Wall of Fame! We have been very busy ever since. The team has implemented a lot of ideas. The usage of our iPhone and Android apps is growing fast (the iPhones are winning).

Datamolino received very nice reviews on the Xero marketplace from new customers. Big thanks to all of you who have reviewed Datamolino! It is a big help. We would also like to thank Hilary Dyson for a very nice mention of Datamolino in her article titled “From Xero to Hero“.

So what were we up to during the “blog silence” since Xerocon? Datamolino has introduced many features that make the life of its users even easier. (read on for a short summary with links).

What are we planning for the coming months? Soon, you will be able to automate your invoice processing even more. There will be “auto-exports”. You will have more control of the default “ledger account / tax rate / tracking category” for each supplier. Processing of HTML email receipts is in the works.


This is a short summary of our feature releases since Xerocon:

Februrary 2016

– improvements in the invoice detail screen – the figures that are exported are highlighted which makes it easier to understand what will appear in Xero

– improvements to document history – the log now includes the name of the Xero organisation where the document was exported

– improvements to the folder dashboard – better access to purchase / sales subfolders

March 2016

– improvements to export workflow which saves 30% of time when exporting one by one

– it is now possible to move documents between folders / this helps with organising the data

April 2016

– improved the Xero connection stability

– mobile app for Android (has joined our app for iPhone)

May 2016

– made many backend improvements that enhance the speed and reliability of the application


Our Wall of Fame from Xerocon London 2016. Thanks to everyone who stopped by and said hi!

Datamolino Wall of Fame Xerocon (detail)