After Accountex 2015

Our first Accountex is finished and it was really rewarding for Datamolino. Seeing pretty much the whole accounting services industry was incredible – every company with a serious interest in the accounting & bookkeeping industry was there. We had 2 intense days and met a lot of accountants who are considering the benefits of cloud services. We’ve started some meaningful conversations and, again, validated that our service is an important aspect of the cloud accounting value chain. Lenka (Sales) and I were kept busy discussing the problems accountants were having with data capture and demonstrating how Datamolino can automate it.

We were part of the Xero Village at the conference which meant we had the support and friendship of the other add-ons. We’ve strengthened bonds with Crunchboards, Rocket Spark, Chaser, Everline, and Practice Ignition. Sage announced their new cloud products, Sage Life and Sage Impact, which we will follow closely as their brand expands its services. Accountex was also a sharp learning curve for us. We learnt that at such a big event there is a lot of competition, and sometimes competition can generate misinformation – must mean we’ve got a product they’re afraid of.

That’s very good news. 🙂