4 Reasons Why You Should Go to Xerocon London 2016

Should I attend Xerocon in London?

Many have asked this question in the past couple of weeks on social networks and various discussion groups when deliberating the possibility to go to Xerocon London in February 2016.

We, at Datamolino, think that you should go, if you have a chance. We went to Xerocon in London in 2015. We have also spent the whole of 2015 as Xero’s add-on partner. And we’re going to be there in February at Xerocon 2016, again.

Xero is, no doubt, one of the key players in cloud accounting. Organizing events dedicated to their customers and business partners is essential to Xero’s success.

Increasing your own success in 2016 should be the driving force behind your decision to take part of Xerocon London 2016. Here is why we believe Xerocon may help you be more successful in 2016:

1.  Get Inspired
Keynote speakers are always one of the main drivers to attend a conference, and Xerocon is no exception. You will get a first-hand experience from how leading entrepreneurs make it to the front line.

Each story is different and it doesn’t matter if it relates to cloud technology or not. There is a lot of wisdom shared and an opportunity to discuss the topics with the speakers.

Get inspired to drive that meaningful change within your firm.

2.  Strategic Thinking
We all want to have the perfect product or service. And there is always room for improvement.

Xerocon presents an opportunity to benchmark your business, learn new and innovative ways to grow, get advice from the brightest minds in the accounting profession, and a chance to know your counterparts better.

Think of Xerocon as a platform for competitive reasoning among various business professionals – think strategically.

3.  Unique Experience
It is so much more than networking and linking in. Xero will make sure that you fit right in.

Make sure to attend the Gala Dinner. Get to know the guys from Xero and the add-on partners at your table. Mingle while you have drinks. Feel like a superstar when the Xero Awards are handed out.

And be prepared to dance with Rod Drury and Gary Turner to some great music performed by a band that simply rocks. In a totally unforced fashion – very unique for a conference of this size.

4.  Get to know the Xero ecosystem
Using Xero is a good start. But the Xero ecosystem offers so much more!

Various add-ons can make your practice more efficient. This is the reason why Xerocon represents the right opportunity to navigate the extensive pool of cloud add-ons where you will find a wide variety of solutions – from automated data-entry all the way to your website maintenance.

If you decide to take part in Xerocon, just make sure you identify the most relevant add-ons for your business beforehand and get to know them – they will be there for you and they want to meet you.

This year Xerocon is taking place in 4 different locations around the globe – London (09 Feb), San Francisco (15 Aug), Brisbane (07 Sep) and Auckland (06 Oct)*.

We hope to meet you there!



*This information was taken from www.xero.com/xerocon
This post is not a paid Xero advert. Datamolino strives for bringing you what’s up-to-date and what our customers love.