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5 ways to boost your efficiency with Datamolino

5 ways to boost your efficiency with Datamolino

Scan your documents in batches

If you have a pile of paper invoices that require processing, you can easily scan them in a single PDF instead of scanning the documents one by one.  This will dramatically reduce the time spent on scanning. You send us a batch of documents in one PDF and voila – they are automatically converted into individual transactions in Datamolino! This works for both multi-page and single-page documents. We recommend that you scan 50 pages in one go.

Avoid supporting documentation

Many times invoices come with supporting pages, such as terms and conditions or similar paperwork. These supporting documents prevent us from automatically processing your documents. Our system needs to check if there are invoices on all pages. If there are unknown pages our team needs to review the file and possibly split supporting documentation from actual invoices. This can prolong the capture process.

Request suppliers to send documents directly into folders

Each Datamolino folder comes with a unique email address which can be used for uploading files. You can save some time by asking suppliers to directly submit documents into your folder. Supplier just need to include the folder email address in CC when sending out invoices. You will also need to whitelist the supplier’s email address in folder settings.

Benefit from digital invoice magic

Digital PDFs provide the most accurate results and give the best processing time.  Requesting suppliers to send you digital invoices will save paper and make your life easier. You can also combine this tip with the email trick mentioned above.

Get in touch with us

No problem is too big and no question is too small for our support team. If something is not clear or you are having issues with the service, just make sure to let us know about it and we will have it sorted swiftly. Just use our little support chat bubble on the lower right to contact our team.


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