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Accountants: Let invoice automation finish the year for you.

With 2014 counting down and business hours running out, now is the perfect time for accountants to partner with Datamolino. Datamolino can help quickly clear any client workload that’s left, and set up a workflow for a more efficient 2015. Invoice processing automation is the easiest way for accountants to ensure all their client’s invoices, bills and receipts are processed and archived by the end of the yearWith this automation comes a freedom from data entry, saving countless hours of manual retyping. Cloud accounting technology offers a way to streamline AR/AP processing. It allows accountants and clients to benefit from reduced transaction costs that come with eliminating routine tasks and improved efficiency. Improved cash management means clients can avoid late payment fees and optimise payments to benefit from dynamic discounting. Client ledgers can be updated in near real time to improve financial decision making and forecasting.

Collaboration on accounting documents with clients is seamless and as simple as logging into Datamolino. Once inside Datamolino, setting up the invoice automation process is easy.

  1. Create a new agenda for each client.
  2. Invite the client to collaborate on an agenda by simply adding their email address.
  3. Collate client invoices and email them to the agenda’s unique email address. Agenda addresses are of the form, you can even choose your own.
  4. Information is automatically extracted, a copy of the document is archived, and all the data can be exported directly for immediate use via integrations to Xero and Sage One.

The process is very simple and very powerful. Accountants can save on the time needed for scanning documents by asking clients to request PDF invoices from suppliers. PDFs can even be emailed directly to any Datamolino agenda. Suppliers email invoices straight to a specific agenda, and all data is made available to update ledgers automatically. This process is completely paper free and can significantly speed up the time spent processing invoices and reconciling accounts. Datamolino is capable of managing cross border invoicing processes and multiple languages and currencies; accounting data is available for export to many ERPs and standard CSV or XLS.

The searchable archive feature means that all documents are ready for immediate retrieval in 2015. Only automation can give accountants the time to finish off 2014, or more time off to enjoy the Christmas break!


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