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AutoEntry no longer meets your needs? Switch to Datamolino for fast and accurate data capture, powerful automation features, 99% uptime, and top-notch human onboarding & support.

Datamolino vs. AutoEntry

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Double your time savings

Besides saving you hours of manual data entry, Datamolino’s 99% uptime ensures you won’t waste time on annoying technical issues.

Top-notch human onboarding & support

With Datamolino, you receive quick, always-there customer support from actual humans. No bots or self-help materials.

Seamless integration with accounting software

Exports from Datamolino to Xero or QuickBooks Online work flawlessly. Integrating Datamolino into your workflow is smooth and quick.

With Datamolino, you get a set of unique features


Invoice descriptions captured automatically

Navigate your finances better. Besides header and footer data, Datamolino extracts invoice description as well.


Streamlined team collaboration

Access content directly from emailed documents, allowing clients to provide instructions without the need for additional email back-and-forths.


Tailored automation rules

Fine-tune your workflow. Create multiple folders with custom rules and access rights tailored to each location or branch.


Unlimited folders & users

Whether you’re a small team, a growing enterprise, or an accounting firm, Datamolino scales with you. Have as many clients or users as you need.


Detailed cost-tracking

Gain a more detailed view of your company’s expenses by accurately capturing both line items and purchase orders.


Usage-based pricing

Pay only for the volume of documents you process. Add as many users or companies as you like, the cost remains predictable.

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Capture data from bank statements in seconds

Save hours of your time processing bank statements with Datamolino’s OCR solution. Simply scan a PDF bank statement and export the data into Xero or QuickBooks Online via a CSV file.

See how simple and intuitive Datamolino is

Watch a quick demo video, peek into Datamolino interface and explore the features.

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Fair pricing for bookkeepers and business of all sizes

It’s simple: you pay only for the number of documents you process. We believe it’s fair and offers you more flexibility. Whichever pricing bundle you choose, all features are included.

Frequently asked questions

What is Datamolino and what features does it offer?

Datamolino is an automated data capture and document processing solution. It works by automatically extracting data from bills, invoices, and bank statements, reducing the need for manual data entry.

Some notable features include:
– Line items capture
– Invoice description capture
– Automated invoice coding
– Custom automation rules
– Automatic split of documents
– Duplicates detection
– Unlimited users & folders
– Cross-platform import – import documents via mobile app or forward by email
– Approval workflow

You can explore all features here. All functionalities are included in all plans.

What documents does Datamolino support and can capture data from?

Datamolino automatically captures and extracts data from supplier invoices, bills, receipts, sales invoices & bills, and bank statements, providing a complex solution for bookkeepers, accountants and business owners.

How does Datamolino OCR technology work?

Datamolino uses machine learning and template-based approaches based on the use case. Datamolino also includes a team of human operators who step in when automation falls short. Our top priority is delivering high-quality data capture results, which is why we combine multiple approaches.

How does Datamolino’s pricing compare to AutoEntry’s?

The pricing for Datamolino and AutoEntry is quite similar. Both AutoEntry and Datamolino operate on a usage-based pricing model, meaning you pay only for the documents you process, with access to all features without extra charges.

While AutoEntry’s pricing is based on credits, Datamolino offers plans based on the number of processed documents, allowing you to purchase additional documents as needed. This pricing model provides cost-efficiency, transparency and ensures you only pay for what you use. View Datamolino pricing here.

How is Datamolino different from similar solutions?

Datamolino’s multi-folder option allows you to set up tailored automations for a single firm based on location, branch, or department. This unique feature offers greater flexibility in streamlining operations and includes advanced team collaboration features, as well as swift data capture from bank statements. Datamolino takes pride in its exceptional customer service, which is consistently praised in client reviews.

Regardless of the plan you choose, you will always receive personalized 1:1 client service from the very beginning. We provide tailored onboarding and training to ensure your team and clients are set up for success from the start. Moreover, our team is readily available to assist you whenever you need help or support. We’re accessible through live chat, email, or phone.

Can I try Datamolino for free?

Sure! We offer a 14-day free trial. You can sign up here. If you could use some help navigating our product, we also offer a personal 1:1 demo with no obligations. Book your session here.

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“Turned days of work into hours” “Freed up time for strategic tasks” “I feel much more organized”
“Every financial detail, captured and categorized” “Great timesaver” “Now THAT is real top notch customer service”
“Remarkably accurate and efficient” “No more lost invoices” “Bookkeeping minimized, productivity maximized”
“Collaboration is now seamless” “It’s like having an extra team member” “Turned invoice chaos into order”
“Seamless client onboarding” “Our cash flow has never been clearer” “Fabulous product I wouldn’t be without”
“Integration with Xero is seamless” “We’re always audit-ready now” “If only the bank was as easy to deal with!”

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