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Better automation scenarios with Datamolino

Sometimes throwing everything into the same bucket is not the best strategy. With Datamolino you can automate based on project, location, company branch or department.

Better automation scenarios with Datamolino

Competing products give you just the one bucket for each company. In Datamolino, you can create multiple folders for one company and connect them all to the same accounting organization. This allows you to automate in more detail.

Why is this important? Imagine a chain of restaurants, each having someone else responsible for purchasing products. All restaurants are owned by one business entity. You want to have a different tracking category for each restaurant location. In Datamolino you can create a folder for each location, set unique automation settings for this folder and connect multiple folders into one Xero or QuickBooks.

This approach is used by our users to setup different projects, company departments or company branches. Just create one folder for each such unit and connect them all to one Xero or QuickBooks.

Give access rights to folders on a need to have basis. So people responsible for uploading invoices can see only the folders and documents that are relevant to their department, branch or location.

What are the 5 best Datamolino features?

  1. Automatic PDF splitting
  2. Better automation scenarios
  3. Detailed invoice data
  4. Baked in approval of invoice
  5. Datamolino is greater than the sum of its parts

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