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Approval of invoices

Recently we introduced a feature that allows you to approve invoices with one click. While at this time the use case for this covers only the basic approval scenarios for a small busines, we are improving the feature based on customer feedback.

Approval of invoices

Currently we see our users using approval in different ways.

One use case is a simple signoff between client and accountant, where the client approves documents that should be imported into the accounting software (confirms validity of the invoices).

Some larger accounting firms use the approval to get better visibility into their quality assurance workflow. Junior staff codes the invoices and prepares them for export into the accounting software. Senior staff reviews the coding and rejects invoices that have formal mistakes. The junior staff then reviews the rejected documents and learns what mistakes they made in the invoice coding process. When you reject an invoice you can include a “rejection reason” which helps to accelerate the learning process.

What are the 5 best Datamolino features?

  1. Automatic PDF splitting
  2. Better automation scenarios
  3. Detailed invoice data
  4. Baked in approval of invoice
  5. Datamolino is greater than the sum of its parts

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