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The 6 new features of Datamolino

Your feedback from using Datamolino is incredibly useful as it helps us to develop new features and improve functionality. These new features and functions directly correlate to how you use the automation service. Once these new features are fully tested we release them as updates for everyone to use. These updates don’t cost you anything extra, yet they significantly improve our ability to deliver you with a quality service. One of the greatest benefits of cloud accounting is that all the updates to your software service are done automatically and without interruption. This month we rolled out a host of new features that we hope make your experience with Datamolino more valuable.

1. Cash receipt processing is now fully functional.

This is really exciting for us and we are extrenely proud of the milestone. With cash receipt processing coming out of beta, Datamolino is now more powerful and more useful. Being able to process cash receipts as well, means that Datamolino is the one solution you need for all your transactional and accounting documents no matter where they originate. Our service can extract data from invoice, bills and receipts and all data passes through our two step verification process.

2. A higher level of  data extraction for our Folder customers

We took a look at what we were offering our Folder users and realised that we needed to provide more data for them to make it more useful. Price remains the same, but the level of data extracted that you can store and search increases.

3. Ability to export line by line item data

Up until now our Assistant users could choose to activate the extraction of line by line item data from any invoice or bill they wished. Item data is an essential supplement for all accounting process, and now this data can also be exported directly into accounting suites.

4. Running usage totals

We included running usage totals within your Agendas so you can see at a glance exactly what your invoice processing volume is and whether or not you need to make any adjustments. Part of our commitment to you is transparency – no hidden costs or charges – know exactly where you stand and how much you’re using.

5. Credit card payments

It’s safe, secure and ready to use once your free trial finishes.

6. One click addition to a whitelist of senders

Datamolino is all about automation – the more Datamolino does the less you have to do. With one click you can now add any email address you receive to a whitelist of senders. Invoices, bills and receipts from this sender will then be processed as soon as they arrive without requiring further effort on your behalf.

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