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  • March 1, 2016

Xerocon is about to start and our exhibition stand is patiently waiting for our team to arrive.   Rod Drury the CEO of Xero was so nice and left us a message on the Datamolino Wall of Fame: “Love your work.”   Rod Drury (Xero CEO) and Jan Korecky (DatamolinoRead More »

Should I attend Xerocon in London? Many have asked this question in the past couple of weeks on social networks and various discussion groups when deliberating the possibility to go to Xerocon London in February 2016. We, at Datamolino, think that you should go, if you have a chance.

The Bookkeepers Summit 2015 in London gave us an opportunity to meet a lot of bookkeepers in person. More than 600 bookkeepers were present. And many of them have shown great interest in Datamolino. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a chat. We learned a lot from you.Read More »

Batch scanning saves you 1 hour of work for every 100 pages that you need to scan. (compared to flatbed scanning) With automated data capture you save additional hours of time previously spent on manual re-typing. Data capture services such as Datamolino can automatically split your batch scans into individual transactionsRead More »