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It’s ready!

Datamolino can now extract the line-by-line descriptions of each item on any invoice you upload.

It’s ready!

Capture and export every description without manual data entry! Now accountants and bookkeepers can have more time for higher level work and reduce the cost of manually retyping invoice data.

Our development team has worked hard to bring this feature to our users and it provides significantly more functionality. Datamolino can now capture line item details from any invoice – description, VAT rate, NET rate, and total. All trial accounts have line item extraction turned on automatically so go ahead and try it! Using line item extraction is as simple as clicking the ‘Extract items’ button that appears beside the ‘Export’ button.

From a Folder, check the boxes next to the invoices you want to extract line items from and click Extract items.

If you have connected your account to Xero or Sage One then you can even select a different ledger for each individual line item to be exported to. A simple drop down menu pulls ledger details from the cloud accounting provider and sends your line item data to exactly where is should be.

Editing line item information and details is easy! Just click on the text or the total and make your changes. Our line item extraction feature is intuitive and will be a powerful tool for accountants. To upgrade your plan click ‘Upgrade’ on the top left of the screen and select ‘Plans with items’. We would love your feedback so please send it to

To try line item extraction for yourself sign up here.

Photo by Braden Collum on Unsplash


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