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Bookkeepers want to automate data entry

The Bookkeepers Summit 2015 in London gave us an opportunity to meet a lot of bookkeepers in person.

Bookkeepers want to automate data entry

More than 600 bookkeepers were present. And many of them have shown great interest in Datamolino. Thanks to everyone who has stopped by for a chat. We learned a lot from you.

Are bookkeepers interested in data entry automation?

Short answer: YES.

Long answer: YES, where do I sign.

Many bookkeepers are still exploring whether moving to the cloud can benefit their practice. From what many of you have told me, you are very proficient with your current desktop setup.

Some people have mentioned that there is data entry software that works on the desktop. Yes, mostly for bank statements. I have not met many bookkeepers that use invoice processing automation on the desktop. It is not very easy to setup and not exactly cheap.

Many of you have asked: Why use the cloud for accounting software? From my perspective, the cloud has one big advantage over the desktop: Add-ons for cloud accounting software.

The modern cloud software is very modular. If you are using only Xero or Sage One, with no add-ons. You are doing it wrong! There are great add-ons for every area of business. You can recommend add-ons that help your client. You can use add-ons that help you to better serve your client. The first type of add-on that every bookkeeper should look into is purchase invoice processing automation.

Look at your process and sketch out your transition to the cloud. Choose an accounting software that checks your boxes and supports the add-ons that you may need in the future. Review your internal processes. Do not simply transition the old paper ways into the cloud. Look for optimisations. For example, you can cut off the paper trail right at the door of your office!

This is where Datamolino comes in. Just scan everything into Datamolino and pick it up in your accounting software with a couple of clicks. No tedious manual data entry. You can save you massive amounts of time and focus on client work. All you need to do is connect Datamolino to your cloud accounting software (Xero or Sage One).

To get the most out of Datamolino, use the chat button on the lower right. We will help you with your setup.

What is Bookkeepers Summit?
The Bookkeepers Summit is the largest gathering of Certified Bookkeepers and bookkeeping students in the UK. Seven hundred of the country’s top bookkeepers under one roof, interacting with one another, maintaining their competitive edge and confirming their status as the UK’s most up-to-date and engaged bookkeeping community.


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