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Automate your bookkeeping with QuickBooks

Streamline your real-time bookkeeping by automating document data entry and processing with our direct QuickBooks Online integration.

How does Datamolino work with QuickBooks Online?

Connecting your Datamolino folder to QuickBooks Online takes only couple of clicks. Datamolino will capture data from your invoices, receipts and bills. You are then able to categorise your transactions using your Quickbooks Online settings already in Datamolino.

What gets exported to QuickBooks Online?

Once exported, your captured data will reside in QuickBooks Online along with the original file attached. All without the hassle of manually creating your transactions!


Features users of QuickBooks Online appreciate

Intelligent pairing

Datamolino remembers pairing of supplier name captured from the document with your contact in QuickBooks Online along with invoice coding preferences.

Unlimited folders

Organise your documents into as many folders as you need and benefit from automated coding suggestions unique for each folder.

Support for expense and sales documents

Datamolino processes both your purchase and sales documents and lets you export them to either Expenses or Sales in QuickBooks Online.

Reduce time spent on coding your transactions

Saving time does not end with automated data capture in Datamolino. First time you export a document from Datamolino to QuickBooks Online, you pair the supplier name on the document with your contact in QuickBooks Online. Datamolino will remember this pairing for future and it will suggest coding for your document including ledger account, tax code, class and location next time you upload document from same supplier.

Read 5-star reviews from our QuickBooks Online users

  • Datamolino

    5“We must have processed around 20,000 invoices on Datamolino now, it’s by far the best in its class. It does what it says on the tin, and the customer service is excellent. Some of the other larger players in the accountancy software market could learn a lot from Datamolino.”

  • Datamolino

    5“I love DATAMOLINO. It is simply the best software by far!!!”

  • Datamolino

    5“Great software and even better help from the back office team!”

  • Datamolino

    5“I update the bookkeeping for a number of clients; some of which use Datamolino and some use ReceiptBank. I find the data extraction of invoice details to be more accurate in Datamolino.”

  • Datamolino

    5“I use two data extraction services and this is my preferred. I especially love the Line Extraction. Best on the market.

  • Datamolino

    5“The first thing we loved about Datamolino was the staff there, they are so enthusiastic and helpful, which is something very rare these days in any company it seems. ”

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