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e-Invoicing – Green and Lean!

With Earth Day 2014 this week, we wanted the last word to be how we are saving the planet in our own way with datamolino. In our office we love trees and love to save paper. Electronic invoicing and receipt processing might seem like a really small way to save paper in your business, but it makes a huge impact! Here’s how…


One tree makes about 9000 pieces of paper and there are 30 000 000 000 (yes billion!) invoices sent each year in Europe. If an invoice is just two sheets, then e-invoicing saves 6.6 million tress every year!

That’s just the paper, not to mention the resources associated with the tree being felled*, processed, packaged, and transported to distributors as paper. Then there are the printing costs, machinery, ink and electricity – it all adds up quickly!

Discover the carbon emissions your conversion to e-invoicing can save, by going to the NEA Green Index to find out.


The small change in how you manage invoices has a huge flow on effect in optimising multiple aspects of your supply chain and that of others. If you eliminate paper, you eliminate the supply chain needed for it – it can’t get simpler for ‘leaning’ up your business.

Organisations are always striving for a value creation that has zero waste to streamline their bottom line and e-invoicing is a big step in this direction. With electronic processing, there is less wastage from used printer cartridges, packaging and the inevitable paper jam.

The most notable saving for a lean business though, is time. People have more time to focus on higher value activities, while your business can benefit from faster processing and payment times.

Be green and lean with us at

*No birds or their nests were harmed in the writing of this post.


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