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98% of our customers gave us 5 stars
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    5“Great software and even better help from the back office team!

  • Datamolino

    5“I update the bookkeeping for a number of clients; some of which use Datamolino and some use ReceiptBank. I find the data extraction of invoice details to be more accurate in Datamolino.”

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    5“I use two data extraction services and this is my preferred. I especially love the Line Extraction. Best on the market.”

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    5“Best option for us and we did a lot of research before committing. We use it with all of our clients now. You feel like a real valued client rather than someone to bill each month. Our clients love it as well … makes on boarding news clients much simpler.”

  • Datamolino

    5“Easy to use, fast, reliable and accurate. A good pricing model means its cheap to use, and it can process sales invoices too.”

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    5“The first thing we loved about Datamolino was the staff there, they are so enthusiastic and helpful, which is something very rare these days in any company it seems.”

  • Datamolino

    5“I update the bookkeeping for a number of clients; some of which use Datamolino and some use ReceiptBank. I find the data extraction of invoice details to be more accurate in Datamolino.”


with Acumatica

Increase productivity by managing expenses and procurement on the Acumatica platform. Configure the solution to your unique business needs and integrate with both off-platform and on-platform accounting systems like FinancialForce.

Increase productivity of your business,
not your labour costs

Streamline Expenses & Accounts Payable document collection and processing.
Spend less time on paperwork with automated data capture.
Automate common bookkeeping tasks.



Multiple formats

Get invoices in PDF, JPG or as scanned documents.

Cross-platform invoice support

Get invoices through email, web or mobile app.

Accurate data extraction

Extract data more precisely than obsolete manual data entry.

Smart extraction

Send several invoices in one file, let Datamolino split them into individual transactions.

Unlimited users

Add as many users or clients as you need, with no extra cost.

Cloud archive

Browse and share data with ease.

Duplicates detection

Find duplicates on file level and data level.

Intelligent pairing

Pair suppliers with invoices to work smoother.

Approval workflow (BETA)

Approve purchase bills before you export them to your accounting software.

Two-step authentication

Make your account more secure with 2FA (two-factor authentication).

Use Datamolino on the Acumatica platform

Why Datamolino and Acumatica?

Acumatica is widely used as the “front-end” system in larger organisations which all users have a login to. Acumatica and an email client are often the only systems that sales people have access to. Integrating expenses and purchases data capture into your Acumatica platform makes it immediately accessible to people who typically have to log expense claims and manage procurement processes. This eliminates manual re-typing of expenses and purchase invoice. It also frees up the time of your staff. You don’t pay your staff to “retype information”.

Acumatica is extremely customisable and “integrateable”. Customisations and integrations can often be done very quickly, with low cost and, often, without having to write code. This makes it possible to create a sense of immediate gratification. Explore with our team how to best integrate invoice and receipt data capture into your workflow.

Our integration with Acumatica is primarily a vehicle for managing expense claims in a general Acumatica context. There is also the possibility to add procurement management as a potential additional benefit. An implementation does require some configuration, depending upon needs.


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  98% of our customers gave us 5 stars

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