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Our team enjoyed the Campus Party in London. Unfortunately we were able to attend only for 2 days, but managed to attend many interesting keynotes. Special mention to Mike Wright from Striata who discussed how Striata went global. We have approached Mike after his keynote and he was very kindRead More »

We know a lot of accountants. And they are not happy. Despite living in the 21st century they still must manually retype information from bills and invoices into ERP systems. We are going to solve this problem and make them happy with DataMolino Small and medium businesses are retyping dataRead More »

DataMolino has succeeded to become part of Wayra – the technology accelerator program of Telefonica. From all the participants competing to join Wayra, our project has been chosen by independent judges to become part of the Prague Wayra acceleration program. So we are in the Wayra family which will allow usRead More »

Project DataMolino is our logical step after our successful project by square. With by square we have standardise the encoding of payment and invoice data into QR codes, saving hours for consumers when initiating invoice payments and providing much needed accuracy for accountants when processing incoming invoices. Where with byRead More »