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Let humans focus on creating value, leave robotic work to robots

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We started Datamolino back in 2012 with a simple goal in mind: to make life easier for bookkeepers and accounting firms. We always wanted to provide you with tools that reduce inefficiencies and save your time for more valuable tasks. We believe that automated, real-time accounting beats manual data entry in every way. In this spirit, we built Datamolino into the product it is today and we enjoy making it continuously better for you.

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“Technology and personal attention to customers must go hand in hand! My favourite Datamolino feature is our customer support chat. The way I see it, nothing is more satisfying than happy customers.”

Jan Korecky, co-founder

Jan Korecky
“I come from a family of accountants. Every day, I watched them spend a lot of time on manual data entry, retyping information from invoices into accounting systems. I believe there’s a better way.”

Andrej Glezl, co-founder

Andrej Glezl

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