Software Design

We are designing Datamolino with security in mind. We follow the best industry practices for keeping your documents safe, both in transfer and storage.


Compared to locally installed software, where a hard drive failure can erase all of your data, there is no need to worry about data loss with Datamolino. All your data is backed up daily and stored on a redundant server.

SSL encryption

All information sent to or from our servers is encrypted with through SSL. You can rest assured that the communication between your browser and Datamolino’s servers is safe and secure.

We use minimum 128bit encryption with 2048k bit keys and safe key-exchange mechanisms and Strict Transport Security.

Data Export

You can export your data at any time. Export formats include individual invoice PDFs, CSV or Excel format, or in the format of one of the supported accounting systems. You are always in full control of your data.

Secure Hosting

We use Amazon’s Simple Storage Service to store your data. Amazon, the leading provider of cloud services, has the necessary experience and equipment to safeguard your data and ensure smooth service.