Tag: line item extraction

Datamolino can capture line items from invoices for you automatically. This means that you can export invoice item descriptions and send them straight to Xero! Watch this video if you want to see how easy it is. (video length: 45 seconds – your time savings: many hours of data entry)

Datamolino can now extract the line-by-line descriptions of each item on any invoice you upload. Capture and export every description without manual data entry! Now accountants and bookkeepers can have more time for higher level work and reduce the cost of manually retyping invoice data.

Next week we will be releasing one of the most anticipated features of Datamolino’s data extraction service.  After months of development and testing, Line Item Extraction functionality within Datamolino is ready. This feature will allow Datamolino customers to be able to automatically extract line item information and descriptions from all kinds invoices, bills and receiptsRead More »