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Next Monday we’ll be presenting at the IBM Insight Conference in Las Vegas and it’a real thrill to be invited! Datamolino uses IBM Datacap technology to capture the information from invoices, bills and receipts, and the conference is a chance to show the broader IBM community exactly what we’re achieving with ourRead More »

Der 2014 Billentis Bericht der E-Fakturierung und der E-Rechnung ist einer tiefgehenden Analyse des globalen Marktes verpflichtet. Wenn Sie nach einer Automatisierung der manuellen Rechnungsverarbeitung und dem beschleunigen der Bearbeitung von Forderungen/Abrechnungsverbindlichkeiten suchen, ist diese umfassende Einschätzung der aktuellen Branchentrends und Gelegenheiten eine unschätzbare Ressource für Ihr Klein- bis MittelständischesRead More »

It’s been an interesting and thought provoking week for Datamolino. This week we were fortunate enough to be invited to present a forum at the Exchange Summit in Barcelona. The summit’s focus was on the benefits of e-invoicing and how it can effect change to full e-supply chain management. OurRead More »

Since Datamolino began we’ve worked hard not only to bring our software-as-a-service to market, but to also become part of the cloud accounting ecosystem. It is really important to take this role within the industry to ensure we’re at the forefront of innovations and the changing nature of regulations. This isRead More »

It’s over 6 months now since Datamolino received €500 000 seed investment from the Slovak Innovation and Investment Fund, so I wanted to take a moment to share what that’s meant for us as startup and myself as an entrepreneur. Snapshot Since our investment we left beta testing and launched in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. WeRead More »