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If you didn’t get everything done this week, or you would have liked to achieve more, Paul Bulpitt from the The WOW Company has the answer. Paul puts forward a great case for the automation of as many business process as possible. He believes that with the proliferation of so many cloud computing solutions,Read More »

Next Monday we’ll be presenting at the IBM Insight Conference in Las Vegas and it’a real thrill to be invited! Datamolino uses IBM Datacap technology to capture the information from invoices, bills and receipts, and the conference is a chance to show the broader IBM community exactly what we’re achieving with ourRead More »

We know a lot of accountants. And they are not happy. Despite living in the 21st century they still must manually retype information from bills and invoices into ERP systems. We are going to solve this problem and make them happy with DataMolino.Read More »