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Datamolino can capture line items from invoices for you automatically. This means that you can export invoice item descriptions and send them straight to Xero! Watch this video if you want to see how easy it is. (video length: 45 seconds – your time savings: many hours of data entry)

Find out how your accounting firm or bookkeeping practice can gain valuable hours by automating their manual data entry. Combining Datamolino with Xero is easy and it creates a beautifully simple solution to process all types of invoices, bills and receipts, and then update your accounting automatically. Watch the video toRead More »

Xero’ Managing Director Gary Turner talks about cloud technology and his company’s plans for 2015. Captured at Xerocon London, take a look at what he thinks is in store for the industry with highlights from a conversation with Datamolino’s co-founders Andrej Glezl and Jan Korecky. Xero’s Gary Turner on cloud technology andRead More »