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Datamolino can now extract the line-by-line descriptions of each item on any invoice you upload. Capture and export every description without manual data entry! Now accountants and bookkeepers can have more time for higher level work and reduce the cost of manually retyping invoice data.

Next week we will be releasing one of the most anticipated features of Datamolino’s data extraction service.  After months of development and testing, Line Item Extraction functionality within Datamolino is ready. This feature will allow Datamolino customers to be able to automatically extract line item information and descriptions from all kinds invoices, bills and receiptsRead More »

Our new integration with Xero means that Datamolino customers can now connect to update their account Xero automatically. Data is extracted by Datamolino and pushed directly to any ledger. This integration offers another channel for Datamolino customers to put their financial data to work quickly and easily. Xero customers that want freedom from manualRead More »

Our new integration with Sage One means Datamolino customers can now connect to update their Sage One account automatically. Data is extracted by Datamolino and pushed directly to any ledger in their account. Datamolino customers now have an effective new method to put their financial data to work quickly and easily.Read More »

Your feedback from using Datamolino is incredibly useful as it helps us to develop new features and improve functionality. These new features and functions directly correlate to how you use the automation service. Once these new features are fully tested we release them as updates for everyone to use. These updates don’tRead More »

With the release of our latest version of Datamolino this week we are officially out of our beta testing and available as a full commercial product in Slovakia and the Czech Republic. During our beta testing we made many improvements so you can have more flexibility in managing your documentsRead More »

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We know a lot of accountants. And they are not happy. Despite living in the 21st century they still must manually retype information from bills and invoices into ERP systems. We are going to solve this problem and make them happy with DataMolino Small and medium businesses are retyping dataRead More »